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  1. been away for a while on holiday and saw the update on the steam forums. does that mean the latest build is working with multiplayer or is it best to disable the updates and not download them at present if you want to use MP still
  2. I would just like to say a massive thank you to the current admin/moderators who work hard making the mo experience available and free to use without all your hard work and constant updates we would not have this option in game so thank you good luck to everyone who applied and myself included and hope to see you all online soon
  3. Sorry that's what I ment was mate at night my error
  4. People don't seem to read above the last points feel like banging your head on the desk
  5. I agree the current Admins do a great job if you see someone in game causing trouble press the tab button and report them if a admin is nearby in game they will deal with the player direct
  6. Submitted would be a honor to help support this amazing website and help it grow to a even more fun place to be. Good luck to everyone and thank you to the current team for all your hard work in keeping this FREE addition to the game it really does make the game that extra bit more fun and i have met loads of amazing friendly people both in here and in game so thank you to you all
  7. so to play the current updated version of ETS2 mp you need to downgrade the MP mod to the one below the current version and it works is that correct lol so in that pop up just downgrade problem solved?
  8. it should just copy over providing you dont have any mods connected to it
  9. its Euro Truck simulator 2 it seems to be happening every time now yes tried single player sounds all ok there its the latest version just re-downloaded it i have a wheel the trustmaster T150 it as fine up until an hour ago thanks will post it there
  10. in the last 24hours when i try and launch the game through the TMP icon the game is loading but i am not getting any sound this is randomly happening when i exit and launch it via the normal non mp icon i have sound close it try and go on mp again no sound. the settings are all ok in game anyone else getting this or know a fix
  11. ^ Yeah ah I was only trying keep forum tidy lol sorry
  12. is it ok if i add to this myself i am a knew twitch streamer and stream ETS 2 and ATS MP http://www.twitch.tv/puglover89 check out my page and hit the follow button
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