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Multiplayer ID help!



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You'll find the ets2mp-id to anyone you encounter ingame in the log_spawning_date_here.txt file ( found in my documents/ets2mp/logs/ )

Just open the file with the correct date, and do a search for either player the nick name or the mp id (the one the server randomly gives you, and that shows next to the nick ingame )

It'll look something like this :

[19:04:27] Spawning GameTrailer (m_andy2009(1221) - ETS2MPId:171762) Additional data: Look:44122184 (posped)

[00] - T(01) - "/def/vehicle/trailer/overweight/chassis.sii"

[01] - T(03) - "/def/vehicle/t_wheel/overweight.sii" - Pair(0)

[02] - T(03) - "/def/vehicle/t_wheel/overweight.sii" - Pair(2)

[03] - T(03) - "/def/vehicle/t_wheel/overweight.sii" - Pair(4)

[04] - T(01) - "/def/vehicle/trailer/overweight/tractors.sii"


Read more here

Dude, this is an internet forum. You can't expect people to read stuff. Jeez.

And we want players who can behave, I'm afraid we can't have what we want :(

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You do need the ETS2MP ID or the SteamID64 for reporting. THE ETS2MP ID IS DIFFERENT FROM THE FORUMS ID.
What Noraf wrote, is what everyone does when he/she writes a report

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