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0.2.0 has been released.


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Help me, guys!

Click "play from DirectX", gives an error message


p.s. I have Windows 10

p.s.s Sorry for my English

support not help 

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@Dreamcast, it's not problem with ets2mp, not with ets2 even: 


"One of my actual sources is black and not showing up

Are you trying to stream a fullscreen game? You'll need to hook into it using the 'Game Capture' source in OBS. As well, OpenGL games like Minecraft have issues with Window Capture and you'll need to use Monitor Capture to show them. If desktop capture is showing up as black, it indicates that you either need to update windows or update DirectX."



Source: https://obsproject.com/faq





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I'll make sure to try it out today but it looks like "forcing loading vehicles in other thread" was enough to eliminate most of this mod's performance issues, wow!

Thank you devs for your hard work!


Also I remember someone saying something like "OpenGL is less likely to be supported by ETS2MP than 64-bit version". Well... Now we shall wait for 64-bit support ;)


^ Oh look at my speedtest results, they're totally legit! Internet straight outta hell! ^

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