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  1. Great work as usual! Can't wait to be in a huge convoy and not have lag, it will feel so strange
  2. People often crash into me on roundabouts, a lot of people don't even bother to give way. I thought why not show people how to do it so there's no excuse then for them to crash into me
  3. ah I guess I should rename it for just UK roundabouts then. Being from the UK, I just assumed EU roundabouts would be the same, but as driving on a different side it's just the opposite. Interesting to learn different countries rules though. That seems so strict, I wouldn't like to drive across a German roundabout now knowing that
  4. Just made a quick video to show players how a roundabout should be handled in ETS2MP. I'm sure most will know, but perhaps for new players who have never driven before and don't know the rules of the road too well. P.S. I realise this may not be entirely possible on some roundabouts when you have a trailer, but the general idea of how to properly negotiate a roundabout is there Happy Trucking!
  5. Mod Version: 0.1.4 R3 Controllers Used: G27 + mouse Description of Issue: Game crashing. General game crashes for the past few patches, write more detail under this. How to reproduce: Drive into a busy city Screenshots / Videos: Embedded (game crash around 6:15. Invisible truck around 5:40) If this is too much or does not follow the correct format I apologize just want to be as detailed as possible. I have not submitted a bug report before and think it’s about time I did, now I’m going to assume the bugs I mention are already known but just going to give my view. You never know it could help! Great mod by the way and I realise it’s in alpha so I’m not bashing at all, I love the mod, bugs or not! Right now I have uploaded a video just to show the slight bugs in this release but I doubt it will help much so I’ll explain the bugs I’ve had over the past few releases. The main bug I have is of course desyncing trucks and game crashes, the truck desync isn’t too bad but at peak times can cause you to go into the back of another truck. In Rotterdam and Amsterdam I notice this, but I’m there a lot (I like the busy cities) I will get a game crash after only a few minutes of driving around there. This has been happening since about 0.1.3 maybe even before I can’t remember. Now 0.1.4 release and happy days, I can drive around busy cities for as long as I like, absolute zero crashes I’m so happy! 0.1.4 R2 release and boom, crashing again. I know this was to fix invisible trucks etc (at 5:40 in the video there is an invisible truck - 0.1.4 R3) I’ve always assumed the crashing was because of the amount of people around but I was in a convoy yesterday with Sgt. Pepper and there was around 50-70 trucks and got zero crashes so this only happens in the cities, about 90% of the time I crash when driving from EP to Rotterdam (when I get to the Amsterdam turn and get a desync) I like to submit game crashes whenever a crash happens but since 0.1.3 R3 about 50% of the time I get an error saying cannot send crash log. That’s my bug report although not technically focusing on one bug I just thought I’d share my view in the hope that it may help, if it doesn’t sorry for wasting your time Logs: From game.crash (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2): http://pastebin.com/19uUMSF Log Spawning: http://pastebin.com/VG6m9nan Last_crash: (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ETS2MP): http://pastebin.com/Kh1Z5whB
  6. I get frequent crashes when entering rotterdam, even coming from EP to turn for amsterdam I always crash there. This happened to me in 1.3R3 and current (1.4R2) 1.4, the previous patch, i got no crashes, ever it was perfect, apart from the odd invisible truck
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