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Highlight which server has the best connection


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Suggestion Name:


  Highlight the server with the best connection in the server list upon starting the game.



Suggestion Description:


  Like the name suggests, Ping each server 3/5 times and see which server has the best ping, and then highlight that server in the menu to show which will have the least lag, I'm sure this would be very trivial to code, and could easily benefit those who have unstable connections. I think it would even come as a benefit to those with not so good connections.



Any Example Images:


  No, but if my description is unclear - I will make one real quick.



Why should it be added?


  To show those with poorer connections which will give the best connection, and most lag-free game play.





 I am going to make a small application to test your ping to servers, firstly for practice, secondly because it may be of benefit to some.

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Pings are just a point in time, might be fast now, could be bad a few seconds later, it's doesn't mean much. It's only useful over a long period of time. I'll give an example. 



This is one of my sites, in the last minute it looks nice. 




But if you look in the last hour, not the same thing. 


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