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Common Problems/Questions. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!

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Guest math-98

Important note:

Because of the amount of useless reports we get about this thread I want to be clear and remind you all this forum rule:

  • No useless posting or spamming

Post deleted / verbal warning / warning point / ban - Do not posts with little to no content or spam.


And before something starts thinking "Yeah but this applies to the posts and status updates" I directly stop you,  that this also applies for the reports and the punisment may even be stronger than usual because you make us loosing our time (Wich we could use to do something else).


A quick reminder about the right usage of the forum:

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Updating changelog layout & updating to reflect current mod situation.



Added new problem

- I've taken a job but my trailer is flipped over


Added new question

- I want to have the same destination as my friend


Added new translations

- Lithuanian (credit to gwait)

- Russian (credit to legress)



Added new problems

- Trying to install Multiplayer for ETS2, but the installer asks for ATS directory path

- Having problems when registering ATS/ETS2 with the account

- Someone spawned on top of me and caused me to fly/bug out

- Unable to go faster than 60km/h or 90km/h or 110km/h


Added new questions

- Does Multiplayer support 32-bit systems (for both ETS2 and ATS)?

- How to disable/enable Winter Mod?



- Simplified the solutions

- Removed images due to layout problem

- Updated solutions to relate to ATS

- Added more solutions


Removed translations

- Russian (outdated)

- Lithuanian (outdated)




- Added more solutions




- Modified the solutions (mostly removal)


Removed problems

- Problems connecting to the server

- Problems when teleporting to the truck dealer

- 'Username, email or steamid is already taken' when I try to create an account

- Someone spawned on top of me and caused me to fly/bug out


Removed questions

- Will the client ever be able to automatically download and install updates, instead of us doing it manually every time?

- I want to have the same destination as my friend

- How to disable/enable Winter Mod?

- I want to activate a retail CD key of the game on Steam




- Added more solutions

- Modified some solutions

- Modified some question answers


Added new problems

- I have tried to reset my password but the email did not arrive

- My game crashes (FATAL ERROR)

- My game freezes

- 'Steam ID is already associated with an account' when I try to create a new TruckersMP account


Added new questions

- How do I talk via voice chat?

- Can I use police lights or skin for my car?

- Which DLCs are supported?

- Can I use mods in Multiplayer?

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