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No Non Collision zone, 0.1.6 R2, R3, R4 and R5

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This is a list of all the know places with NO NON COLLISON ZONE. This is for version r2, r3, r4 and r5. Please report them in a comment. and also if there is a place on the list where it has bin Fixed.


Frederikshavn at the boat (Port).

Bergen at company Polar Fish.

Esbjerg port area: Between the resting area and the boat is a little gap.

Vasteras at Konstnorr.

Gdansk, North port.

Europort in the port. at the green marker

Harwich, at the green marker

Hull at the green marker

Aalborg, Polar Fish

Stavanger Polar Fish

Gdanks BCP

Dover Channel tunnel Entrance

Frederikshavn at Polar fish

Linköping at Konstorr City Center

Linköping Konstorr west of the city.

Hamburg Sandbuilders

Rockstock Trelleborg Port

Warszawa sandbuilders

Bratislava BCP

Oslo Containerport.

Malmö Kostnorr

Nürenberg Sandbuilders

Helsingborg Konstroor

Salzburg Sandbuilders

Rotterdam Sandbuilders

Lyon Sandbuilders

Calais Channel Tunnel.

London Sandbuilders

Paris Sandbuilders

Erfurt Sandbuilders

Edinburg Sandbuilders




Edit: Added more places

RED = No Non Collision zone.

Green = Fixed


quick rundown of the list, i see multiple spelling errors of konstnorr - minor thing, but hey..

i came to report the non ncz of konstnorr in helsingborg

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1.dover bus station no ncz




2. Calais - Dover trianstation no NCZ. there's chaos as in EP(week ago). Need admins for blocking roads to trainstation.

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Hello All,


it seems like that no non collision zone was found for the rest. I hope that the list remains like this. and that the developer found the list useful. if you find a spot with no non collision zone, report him under here


Greetings Ruben

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Most of these have indeed been fixed from my initial testing. If there are further NCZ issues, let me know but I did a fair bit of testing around the map, and apart from some very small areas, most of these seem to be fixed.

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