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  1. If you haven't notice those trailers that have been flipped on its side takes damage as well. It is cheaper to cancel a job than loosing 30,000 because of damage.
  2. If I am right it is full on vanilla ETS 2 (meaning no mods) unless it has been approved from the ETS 2 MP Team. All SCS Software DLC's are usable in MP.
  3. I need this one deleted. http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/13625-can-someone-tell-me-how-to-delete-a-post-this-one-was-just-a-test-thank-you/ I just tested the embed video on it. Thank you. A lot,
  4. Thank you. Also how do I delete a post?
  5. When I went to a company some trailers were glitching into the ground or flipped on its side. I wasn't able to connect the trailer unless I did F7 and Enter. Once I reached the destination I got a bad rating as it has 22% damage. I didn't damage it. Most likely it was when it was glitch into the ground or flipped. Now that I know that it takes damage when it is glitch like that I won't get those trailers again. Is there a reason why this happens? http://www.twitch.tv/vanilla_donut123456/c/6672219 - video to flipped trailers in the company. Also do anyone know how to add a YouTube vide
  6. Thank you for the help.
  7. Is there anything against people who trolls? The video below shows fernandofkl was going to ram me but he went back to his lane when he caused me to slow down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBxuMZrQIkg Do other people get stuck here whenever they have this kind of cargo or am I just bad at driving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pzZCl6Pb4I Thank you for reading/ watching/ replying. Yours Truly, Vanilla_Donut
  8. If your game crashes and freezes you need to insure that your graphics are not on high. For example Having Grass on High can cause freezes or lag because the game is trying to load the grass in world, which your computer may not handle. Even though the game looks good you need to lower your graphics setting to atleast make the game run better.
  9. Paris (France) SandBuilder doesn't have any NCZ.
  10. Goto http://ets2mp.com , login and click on the Edit Account button in the upper right corner where you logined. Edit: I just notice this answered your second question. Did your friend try to login on the http://ets2mp.com website using all the emails he/she uses. He/She can also go to his/her email account to find the ETS2MP mail that has been sent when they first signed up.
  11. When you re downloaded the mod did you use the destination folder by copying it from steam?
  12. Have you tried redownloading the mod?
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