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Replay Demo System for Players


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Suggestion Name: Replay Demo System for Players.

Suggestion Description: For those who have watched videos of Game Moderator's playing, they get to see the last 2 minutes of a reported incident as a replay, or "Demo". Allowing them to see all the infractions and who's involved.


Using a new page, "Replays" as an example name (can be changed if admins got a better name). Using the Web Report Cut Off Date (Last 15 days), it would show you all the times you connected to the server and how long you've played for, in UTC. Then, the player gets to choose a time. The last 2 minutes is loaded. The player then gets to watch those 2 minutes to find any potential offenders.


As an example, these are random sessions i'm just throwing out there.

[Session] | Server | UTC | Time Played

*Session means 1 is your last played session. Highest is the last session of the cutoff date. This means, if you've played Today (Oct 24) and you are trying to file a report (Oct 6), The 9th is currently the cutoff date.

[1] | Sim 1 | Oct 24 14:55 | 3H 45M

[2] | ProMods | Oct 22 09:30 | 8H 00M

[3] | Sim 1 | Oct 18 22:10 | 0H 30M


Now comes the prompt. "Please enter a time from the list above to get a replay". [1] | 15:20 \ 0H 25M <----- The input would first be [Session Number]. Then, entering a UTC time within your played time. Or, they can enter a timestamp (25 minutes). Which then loads the demo from that session 25 minutes in and allows them to watch from the 23 to 25 minute mark.


Just remove staff features, change "Player" to show the name of the player as regular players see.  Show chat. And have an overlaid, small window, showing the map.


Any example images: 


The windows are supposed to be around the image. I overestimated some spots. Just pretend they are all connected and wrapped around the image.


Why should it be added?: It's not always easy to verify who the offending player is when making a report. Majority of the time, it comes down to how well you are paying attention. As an example. In my last session, both me and this other player were rammed into by a troll. I was able to get the info for the report. The other player wasn't sure if they had their names on (F11 Toggle). By adding this, it not only makes it easier to confirm the offender being reported. But, it can also be a "Verification check" on if the offense actually did happen (or if it was desync).

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Exactly, @Titanic4 suggested this type of thing in 2019: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/80454-player-version-of-the-report-demo-system/


Generally, I think that this solution (demo report system) would be helpful for players, but technical possibilities may be a barrier.


Last year I asked about the current situation regarding this idea (since it was already accepted quite long time ago) Game Producer Smoky and received the following answer:
This is something we need to look into and we have plans related to this. The plans are not fully the same and we still need to do research to see what is possible.

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