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A meaningful change

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here by i post this question -> Do You think it is reasonable to do something in this direction -> a new C-D road?

Suggestion Name: Close and re-work the C-D road

Suggestion Description: Provide players with a meaningful experience. Close it. Re-work it (remodel). Increacing its complexity with more climbs and decents, turns and twists (hairpins, narrow bridges), a village or 2 could be a welcomed change. There is plenly of empty space there.

Any example images: ----

Why should it be added?: This is the most popular destination and the face of TruckrsMP. It should be re-modeled and made special. Another event as per the HQ would be most welcome.

Causing a reaction,

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It could be an exciting experience for the players, but it's going to be a lot of hard work for the Map Makers on the TruckersMP Add-On Team

Personally, I hope there will be more events similar to the April Fool's Day event that took place in 2020

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Threre are countless roads like that already. Why don't this so called community get together and go find them?

Don't you think it's a little bit old, nobody is forcing people to stay on C-D road.


Any extensive map edits will juts cause compatibility issues with overlapping original content anytime new game update is out and will need extra work and time to solve, just look at Promods how long it takes them to release compatibility update.

Not to mention that at least one server should have stock map, map updates should be left up to game developers who regularly update the base map.

Right now four german cities (Frankfurt, Erfurt, Stuttgart, Nürnberg) and whole of Switzerland are announced, the more will come. They are getting closer and closer to your beloved race track, enjoy it as is while it lasts.

I'm already imagining reading blog about Duisburg rework.:LUL:

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