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traffic rules in TMP


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Hello truckers. 

Today we are going to discuss traffic rules within the TMP.does TMP have its own traffic rules when the rules are the same as in real life? 

We also know that there may be small changes from country to country, but overall they are some.

example: whoever is on a motorway has priority for those who are about to enter. 

Self-passing: if a person is being passed, we must pull over to the rightmost lane and maintain speed. 

This is all because I have seen some reports that go against the traffic rules that I know and also in the applications we have to be knowledgeable about the traffic rules. 

Does the TMP have its own rules?????

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It's even specified in the rules themselves, at the opening of the section:


§2 - Game only rules

Rules marked with an asterisk (*) do not apply on Arcade servers and inside of No Collision Zones. Traffic laws and road signage must be obeyed. This means European road laws and signage must be followed in ETS2 and American road laws and signage must be followed in ATS. Failure to adhere to the respective road laws, and signage, and local lane closures represented by smart signs (see §2.7) may result in a punishment. Traffic lights and stop signs can be ignored if no other users are in the immediate area. Speeding, while allowed, is not recommended. Speeding can lead to accidents and can factor in a punishment decision. Baiting other players into accidents will not be tolerated and is punishable. Areas with 25+ players are considered highly populated.


So, it seems to me very clear that even when TruckersMP may have some rules of their own, the actual road laws are clearly covered there.


Problem is that too many people, even many with driver licenses, don't know or intentionally ignore these laws, "because it's just a game". Doesn't mean that they can be broken. It could even happen that some staff are not 100% aware of ALL traffic laws or differences that can exist among different countries. I, for instance, follow the Spain's road laws everywhere, except in the UK (left side driving) and speed limits (they can be different), because those are the ones I know about. When driving in other countries, I have to rely on the signage and common sense.

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17 minutes ago, FernandoCR [ESP] said:

Está até especificado nas próprias regras, na abertura da seção:


§2 - Regras apenas do jogo

As regras marcadas com um asterisco (*) não se aplicam a servidores Arcade e dentro de zonas sem colisão. As leis de trânsito e a sinalização rodoviária devem ser obedecidas. Isso significa que as leis de trânsito e sinalização europeias devem ser seguidas no ETS2 e as leis e sinalização de trânsito americanas devem ser seguidas no ATS . O não cumprimento das respectivas leis de trânsito e sinalização e fechamentos de faixas locais representados por sinais inteligentes (consulte §2.7) podem resultar em punição. Semáforos e sinais de parada podem ser ignorados se nenhum outro usuário estiver na área imediata. O excesso de velocidade, embora permitido, não é recomendado. O excesso de velocidade pode levar a acidentes e pode levar a uma decisão de punição. Atrair outros jogadores para acidentes não será tolerado e é punível. Áreas com mais de 25 jogadores são consideradas altamente populosas.


Portanto, parece-me muito claro que, mesmo quando o TruckersMP pode ter algumas regras próprias, as leis de trânsito reais estão claramente cobertas lá.


O problema é que muitas pessoas, mesmo muitas com carteira de motorista, não conhecem ou ignoram intencionalmente essas leis, "porque é apenas um jogo". Não significa que eles podem ser quebrados. Pode até acontecer que alguns funcionários não estejam 100% cientes de TODAS as leis de trânsito ou diferenças que possam existir entre os diferentes países. Eu, por exemplo, sigo as leis de trânsito da Espanha em todos os lugares, exceto no Reino Unido (dirigir pelo lado esquerdo) e os limites de velocidade (podem ser diferentes), porque esses são os que eu conheço. Ao dirigir em outros países, tenho que confiar na sinalização e no bom senso.

no doubt you are right. the arcade server is a case in point. we are talking about normal servers. 

Tplayers have to follow the traffic rules and moderators have to see if the rules are followed, but that moderator himself needs to know about the traffic rules.  And I've seen some cases where I doubt the moderators know the traffic rules. 😁

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5 hours ago, "RICKY" said:

And I've seen some cases where I doubt the moderators know the traffic rules

When we say traffic laws need to be followed, we are mainly talking about traffic lights, yield signs, etc. We don't get down to small details like turn signals, speeding, and things like that. Additionally, if there are no other players around we don't care about those sort of things.


Everything enforced is covered under our rules. You won't receive a ban for running a red light, only if running that light endangers someone. If there aren't players around or it doesn't violate any of our game rules, traffic laws aren't really enforced. 

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Guest W4chund

Overall there are 5 Basic Rules which you should have learned as a Child, teached by your Mother!

1. Respect and be Polite to other People!

2. Do not fight against other People even if they behave Inappropriate!

3. Check the Road for Traffic if you going to Enter or Crossing it!

4. Do not drive Faster than your Guardian Angel can fly!

5. Stop at Red Lights!

And as Bonus, the reason why many People do not Obey the basic Rules: My Mother told me to not touch the Hot and Red glowing Oven Plate!


If People would obey the Basics, then many wouldn´t be  punished!



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I remember two years ago, I was exiting a company yard, I saw a player coming from a far and based on the maximum of 60km/h speed limit inside city limits, I knew I had enough time to exit the yard.


However the player got to me sooner than he was supposed to and hit me, later filing a report against me. I was banned for three days if I remember correctly. What the moderator however did not take in account was that the player had just entered city limits and he was still going fairly around 100km/h. So I've complained that he was overspeed and it was not my fault, thankfully the ban was reverted.



I always follow traffic regulations, I also stop and give way to those who're waiting on the side to join the traffic but no one is willing to stop and give them way.

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Due to the fact that this topic has been inactive for over 14 days (2 weeks,) I have to archive this topic. However, don't let this deter your activity on our forums! We encourage activity, as we love hearing what you love to talk about! Make sure to stay healthy! 


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Appeal your ban - Report a player - Create a feedback ticket

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