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Using VR on TMP


Using VR on TMP  

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  1. 1. Should TMP support the VR game version of ETS? / Would you enjoy seeing MP VR support?

    • Yes
    • No

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I am in favor of it cause playing ETS in VR is incredible, but what do you guys think? Should TMP support the VR game version of ETS?

I think about it from time to time and imo it would be nice being able to use VR on TMP.

Players playing in VR would probably need a 'VR' tag or something similar to their name to inform other players cause in VR you drive differently than without it. The perception of speed is higher so most VR players would probably drive slower in VR. Atleast thats what I automatically do and notice in VR.

A requirement for playing ETS in VR for sometime to be able to join in on MP VR would obviously also be a good idea if VR support got implemented but idk if you can even track the time separately like that. Well, things like that would have to be thought and discussed over if VR support ever gets added.


What do you guys think and have you ever played ETS in VR? If yes how was/is it for you?

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41 minutes ago, tattytate said:

I’d like to see vr in tmp but it’s been talked about in the past it’s not gona happen sad to say . 
you can use vr in convoy mode with a few of your mates. That’s as good as it’s going to get . 
I agree with your point that ets2 in vr is great . It improves the game experience %100 in my opinion. 

Oh, sad to hear it wont happen. Is their an official reason being mentioned as to why? I havent been active in discussions before so I didnt know it was already talked about

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VR requires different build of the game to work, TruckersMP can't support different versions of the game on the same server, no multiplayer game does that as far as I am aware.

That would require separate server with its own version of TMP, just for VR players, which just isn't feasible.

So, unless SCS supports VR in their official build (which may never happen, becasue VR build is a hobby project of a single developer), it's out of question.  


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3 hours ago, tattytate said:

As far as I remember the problem is in the beata version.vr works on the beata branch of the game which tmp does not support: I may be getting things mixed up (it was a while ago now ) it’s something like that anyway. 
welcome to the forum bye the way 😉


This is one of the reasons yes. VR runs on a sort of experimental version of the game and we cant run two different versions on the same server as those would clash. We could make a VR server but that would take a lot of work that could be use elsewhere and it would probably get very very little use as not a lot of people have VR or plays ETS and ATS in VR. So its probably never gonna be a thing.

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