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  1. Thank you for your answer! Seems like rule §3 is the only one to follow when it comes to save editing then. My light changes should be fine then. Thanks for your clarification!
  2. Thank you for your answer. I thought so too cause Ive seen some crazy edits but i was unsure because of my blue daytime lights. Gonna remove them for the time being and see if a moderator is gonna answer
  3. Sadly no. Im still not 100% sure whats allowed and what not. I will temporarly remove the blue daytime lights until I get a clear answer. I just hope the other edits I did are okay..
  4. I looked through the thread and the one thing I learned is that colored lights are probably forbidden but at the end it states that the thread is outdated and rules have changed so Im not 100% sure.
  5. I customized my truck a bit with some save edits. Here are the pictures of it. I added some mirror turn signals, added a mod where the scania logo is illuminated around the edges (only visible at night), added a "bad-eye-cover" over the headlights, changed the color of part of the interior, changed the license plate and added sequential turn signals. Up to this point I think everything is fine if I use it in MP. Today I added a mod with blue daytime headlights as you can see in the imgur post and thats where I started asking myself if that would be allowed in Mp? They are not flares, just normal daytime headlights in blue. Are those allowed in MP? I just want to make sure before its too late lol. Thanks in advance to everyone trying to help.
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