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What do you think about the new Man TGX?


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Recently SCS has uploaded some news and pictures telling us that the new Man TGX is already in process, what do you think about it? Good truck? SCS should make another truck before?


I already smelled that the new man was already in the works. :blobpeek:   


For the people who haven't heard about it: 


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I particularly found it very beautiful. The design of it, the headlights, the front grille, in general, is a truck is beautiful. Now I hope the truck has a 6x4 chassis, as I only saw it in the photos as a 4x2.

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It looks like a nice truck ? they are working very hard on it and I cant wait to drive it ? in my opinion I hope it comes with more customization than the new daf ?



but overall it looks very nice ?








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I am glad the new trucks are here and it adds more realism to the game.

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