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What's your favorite / least favorite part of convoy style events?


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After hosting many events for the community over the past 2 years, I'm really interested on what everyone enjoys the most out of convoys?

Furthermore, what does everyone dislike the most in convoys?

This could be anything to do with the Meetup, Departure, Route, Driving, Destination, or even the event post ?

I'd love to hear your thoughts below ?



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Hey I Shadel.


   Hello, let me start with the part that I dislike the most in convoys. The purpose of convoys is to complete a route by following the vehicle in front.
however, some annoying players and speed enthusiasts expose them to inappropriate overtaking and crashes.
As for the parts we love, it's fun to drive a truck on the same route with someone you know or don't know at all. Convoys are always pleasant as long as you obey the traffic rules and stay in the lane. 








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4 minutes ago, Shadel. said:

Hey ben Shadel.


   Merhabalar, konvoylarda en sevmediğim kısımdan başlayayım. Konvoyların amacı öndeki aracı takip ederek bir rotayı tamamlamaktır.
ancak bazı can sıkıcı oyuncular ve hız tutkunları onları uygunsuz sollamalara ve kazalara maruz bırakır.
Sevdiğimiz kısımlara gelince, tanıdığınız veya hiç tanımadığınız biriyle aynı rotada kamyon sürmek eğlenceli. Trafik kurallarına uyduğunuz ve şeritte kaldığınız sürece konvoylar her zaman keyiflidir. 






My friend has already told everything I'm going to tell you. A correct answer



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For me convoys is all about driving with others, meet drivers you havent seen for a while and drive a interesting route together! 

The best convoys is where we all start together at the same company - no slotbooking, no truckfest, just meet up, wait to you get called out and drive together! For bigger events of course slotbooking is needed maybe, but for me its just to much organizing and less gaming in a way. And yes from time to time its fun joining an event with something more happens, like parking contest, or whatever, but for me convoys is all about driving somewhere togheter and share that experience. 

For event information - I prefer to find all info I need at one place! If there is slots - I wish I could find the same info on tmp event page as in the discord of the host. 

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What I like about convoys is that we get to drive around areas people don't normally drive to in TMP. It can be quite fun to explore the scenery of the area we are driving through.


However, I mainly dislike the idea of convoys for a few reasons:

  • If you don't want to experience ping issues, you'd have to join very early which is quite boring to have to wait through. Otherwise, you'd have to spawn in another city which is just a waste of time.
  • It is also too much work having to find a cargo to deliver as driving without cargo seems pointless.
  • It is very laggy in terms of FPS. I usually have to experience convoys in 10FPS or below.
  • Random horn spam: I'd probably be a millionaire for every time I hear a truck spam their horn for whatever reason. 
  • It's generally quite boring imo. Now this is quite subjective but I usually find convoys quite boring because all you do is drive with other people. There isn't really a lot of interactivity when VTCs usually keep conversations to their respective VTC or friend group. 
  • People not respecting drivers ahead of them: What I mean by this is that a lot of drivers in TMP tend to tailgate the driver ahead because they either want to get ahead of them or aren't aware the driver ahead is laggy. Please please please would people respect a good distance between trucks.

I apologise if this seems quite negative but these are just my opinions.


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Some really interesting thoughts and opinions so far! ?

For me, the best part about convoys is the fact that it brings everyone together. The world of VTC's can get quite competitive, and sometimes involve unnecessary drama.

However, during a convoy, VTC's come together, respect their parking area, and the departure order. Furthermore, at the end of the convoy, most VTC's will leave positive messages to let everyone know that they enjoyed the event, and to thank the event organizers for there work.


For me this is what events is all about. Bringing the community together to enjoy the games of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator, no matter what your background or VTC.


No matter what race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation, we're all here to have fun and enjoy trucking together! ♥️

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Guest Aras.

What i like most about the convoy; meeting and chatting with people on arrival and start. What i dislike the most is; During the convoy the person in front of me lags or the person behind me ramming me

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Behaviors that anger me and alienate me from convoys, as well as the aspects I like about convoys can be listed as follows.


  1. Drivers who are really incapable of taking a corner

  2. Amateur drivers who prefer to turn by stopping instead of turning by slowing down because they do not keep the distance in front of them during the turn.

  3. Convoys traveling at very low speed. Convoy arrangements with excessively twisty mountain roads route.



  1. Driving on magnificent roads together with many friends and acquaintances.
  2. Fun memories and photos.
  3. Tightening bonds of friendship and newly made friends.
  4. Exhibiting the team vision at the highest level.

    Kind Regards
    Black Alcoa
    TruckersMP Veteran Driver II




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Guest LittleCov

I like the larger convoys, I enjoy watching the "public" all drive off in a rush together and crash. I then teleport out. I don't actively take part in convoys though. To much lag

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