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ProMods not found
One or more required files of the ProMods map modification could not be found in your Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder

This message appear after I replace ProMods v2.57. I'm pretty sure that they're no missing file in my folder.
Before TruckersMP support ETS2 1.42 I was using ProMods v2.56 it was fine. I did try ProMods v2.57 in singleplayer it totally works fine.

This is login screenshot

This is Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod folder

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Hello there @Ramin_Tanuwong!


First of all, Welcome to TruckersMP Forums, especially in Help Section.


I would like introduce myself before I will going to help you with your issue  I really appreciate you shared your issue with us!


My name is Petr (RedWolf_TMP), and I am member of TruckersMP Community. My hobby is asnwering/helping to others with their issues/questions as asoon as I am able to. I will do best for you to asnwer your question and you can trust me, you will not be alone to solve your problem here! 



Answer to your question/issue:


Do not forget to unzip a folder, that also may be corrupted! Take a look on this action, if downloading was abortet while you were downloading from internet, I recommend you to download the folder again.


  1. At the first I would like to ask you, did you read knowledge-base article about ,,how to install ProMods", more info can be found here: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614 - if not I recommend you to check mainly if you dont know how to put it to MP
  2. ProMods files have to be copied to Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2  folder - mod (below you can see the old photo with old ProMods, but its does not matter it is still same)


As next step you can re-install TruckersMP Launcher 

  • right click on TMP Launcher on your desktop
  • Start as administrator 
  • Press F1 and install all updates again.


Hope, your problem will be resolved as soon as possible ❤️




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RedWolf_Plays I TruckersMP Veteran Driver III



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I am glad to hear that you got an answer to your question.

Do not hesitate to contact us again by creating a topic or a support ticket.



Kind Regards,


TruckersMP Support


// Locked & Moved to Solved


Nie ma magicznych skrótów do rozwiązania Twoich problemów.


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