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New TruckersMP Event   

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     I had an idea about an event that the people of truckersmp could promote....
     Police and thief / Pursuit....

     It could take place on an event server, as the people who will organize it prefer. Moderators will chase players who are not moderators (or any player who does not have adm rights). Well, to capture another player, just hit your car. When doing this, the player is kicked from the server. That is, the event would have to take place somewhere closed on the map, so that the kicked player cannot return. If someone says that he was kicked without any moderator touching his car, just make the recording and post it on the event page, which should be open on the day, for complaints and to publicize problems suffered by the players. That's it! The last car left on the map, is the winner!
     In order not to be in a very large event area, just limit the map and do it where the moderators want it ... Well .. I hope you approve. If they don't approve, that's fine! I just wanted to share the idea.

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@Event Team, what do u think about it?



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