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  1. Whenever I go to a company to start a contract, my game closes and gives an error message involving the trucksbook. This started right after they added the new DAF to the game. I would like to know if this is happening with anyone else?I would like to know if this is happening to anyone else? This started after they added the new DAF truck.
  2. As you know, SCS is developing multiplayer for ETS and ATS. After the release of the same, the amount of people on TMP servers decreased drastically! I would like to know why... Also, the "simulation 1" server has been much more empty than "simulation 2". What's happening?
  3. I was wrong. I realized that it is still mandatory, but they have reduced the time. It is no longer from 19 to 5. At least, not for me... I turned off my lights at 8 pm and managed to drive smoothly...
  4. I also noticed this. I believe that the directors of truckermp should fix this error after releasing update 1.40. From what I realized today, the truck headlight system is no longer mandatory to use them at night.
  5. This is a very interesting question .... I would like to know which camera the percentage of players feel safe with.
  6. I'm so anxious ...! Thank you, Truckersmp, for this! But I find it difficult to maintain a good fps with so many people in the same place.... 432 players side by side.... I'll try to stay online... Good lucky for every body!!! See you there! Need to sign up somewhere? I think several players have this doubt....
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