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What is up with the recent server crashes and lag


Have you experienced server lag?  

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The server instability lately is due to the server provider that TruckersMP currently uses.

The provider (OVH) had a fire some weeks back, and are still working on their systems to restore stability for their customers.


As of right now, Sim 1 is the most affected server, Sim 2 seems to be performing much more stable so if you continue to have problems on Sim 1 then I recommend using Sim 2 instead.

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Hey, there! 




As have been said on TruckersMP discord, Simulation 1, Arcade have problem sometimes with server stabillity. For better playing you can use Sim 2. This is a problem, which you can not fix it by yourself




You should also read this topic, there is something about servers.


Hope, my answer was helpful for you! 


Good Luck 



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The only thing I can say is that you should read these topics: 



Make sure you start the launcher as admin and with DirectX (64)! :)

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