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2020 TruckersMP Community Awards - VTC Nominations

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2020 TruckersMP Community Awards - VTC Nominations



The TruckersMP Community Awards are back for 2020! Before we can allow you all to begin voting for your favourite staff members, VTCs and radio stations, we are allowing the chance for VTC owners and managers to nominate their VTC (Virtual Trucking Company) to be on this year's vote choices for ''VTC of the year 2020''.


How does it work?

The TruckersMP Community Awards is an annual survey that's held throughout the community. The goal of it is to solemnly raise the holiday spirit and to have a little fun 'competition' between each other.


VTC owners and designated VTC managers will be able to fill in a form to have their VTC entered into the list of the options that will be on the 2020 TruckersMP Community Awards voting survey in December. It will only be possible for one owner per VTC or one designated manager per VTC to nominate their VTC. All other VTC members are asked to not fill in the form in order to limit the amount of submissions we must sort through.


The 2020 TruckersMP Community Awards are completely unofficial! They are in no way in affiliation with the TruckersMP Team!



VTC nominating will continue from now until the 2nd of December. Once all of the VTC nominations have been sorted through and added to the vote list, voting will open to the public. Public voting will consist of voting for your favourite staff member of each role (with the exception of those where only one member possesses that role), as well as your favourite radio station, community project, and of course, Virtual Trucking Company.


Deadline to nominate your VTC (Owners and managers ONLY): December 2nd, 2020



• Only one member per VTC may nominate their VTC.

• That member must be the VTC owner or one manager assigned to fill in the form.

• VTC nominations from those who do not hold one of the above roles in a VTC will be deleted and will not show on the VTC vote choices on the public survey.

• No nominations will be accepted after the deadline.

• Only VTC's nominated (valid nominations only) will be listed on the public voting survey.



VTC owners and managers! You can nominate your VTC here: https://s.surveyplanet.com/hRMeAzmRb




We can't wait to see your nominations! For those who this message does not concern, we are looking forward to your votes on the public survey in December!


Happy Holidays!

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Thank you for your post on our forums. Unfortunately, as your post has been inactive for 14 days now, I am left with no other option but to move this post to our archived section.


Thank you to everyone that voted, and good luck to all of the VTCs! 

Kind Regards,
Community Moderator (Forums)
TruckersMP Team

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