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Found 6 results

  1. Good day, truckers! In this topic, I want to tell you how to activate the console and what are the console commands. The topic is under development and will be supplemented! Attention! Before activating the console, make sure that the game is not running! To enable the console, you must do the following: Open the file config.cfg in Notepad on the road C:\Users\NAME\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Find the line: uset g_console "0"; uset g_developer "0" Replace the value to: uset g_console "1" and uset g_developer "1" This is what these lines should look like: Save file/changes; Entering the game, click " ` " (Tilde), the console opens. Attention! When the console is open, control is disabled! I advise you to use the console ONLY during stops. The main commands (work only in the single version of the game): g_set_time 0-24 — the team changes the time in the game to the one you entered. (range 0-24); g_set_weather 0-1 — the command changes the weather. (0 - sunny weather, 1 rainy weather); g_flyspeed 100 — the command changes the speed of a free camera. (number - camera speed); goto milano — the team takes you to the city of the same name, then with a free camera to the asphalt and press F9 to teleport the truck. For example, the "goto milano" command will take you to Milano; g_police 0-1 — the command removes / returns fines. (0 - remove, 1 - return); s_interior_volume 2 — increases the sound volume of the engine in the cab. (defaults to 1); g_minicon 1 + g_fps — the code shows fps + part of the log. (enter one command first, then the second); g_traffic — this command changes the density of traffic. (0-remove traffic completely); g_fatigue 0 — sleep outage; g_save_indicator 1-0 — save indicator. (where: 1 - save indicator is on, 0 - save indicator is off) Commands working in multiplayer: r_steering_wheel 0-1 — turning on and off the virtual steering wheel. (0 - turn off, 1 - turn on); g_show_game_elements 0-1 — disable / enable all interactive 3D markers in the game. (trailer marker, gas station, company, agency, ferry, etc.) All the best and smooth roads, truckers!
  2. It's so hard to find some players sometimes in the player list when you drive and gonna report him. I think it can be easier if somone can make a comand eksample: (/report playernumber) It could just be an idea? good trip out there
  3. Suggestion Description: Connection suggestion: if a player is kicked from inactivity or high ping, with a command e.g(/retry or /reconect) he will be abble to rejoin the server. Any example images: [No image] Why should it be added?: I don't know if this is possible, but it would make it easier for players, as they would not always have to close and open the game. Thanks.
  4. Blueyy

    Discord commands!

    Hi everyone! Today I'll run through TMP's Discord commands. So, there are a few commands for some specific matters. There's basically "rank," "music" and "request voice channel" commands. So let's see how they work! The "?rank command": These command gives you access to certain channels. These channels include some "off-topic" subjects and channels for some specific languages (other than English). The channel to trigger it is #claim-language-and-rank. To do so, type "?rank [rank name], replace [rank name] for the rank you want to join. Check availability by typing "?ranks" If you done it properly , the "Dyno" bot will let you know. The rank makes a special channel available for you, just take a look for it! The "!p" command: This command is designed to play songs! Be sure to join the "Music" voice channel before following the step"! The channel to trigger it is #musicbotcmd". To do so, type "!p [ link for the music video, Youtube]" The extra "+" commands: There are some extra commands. Trigger them on "#bot-commands"! Check them out: +stats - Get's the current game server statistics from TruckersMP. +traffic - Get's the most congested areas on a game server (default is EU2). +language - Sends a message, optionally tagging [user], and optionally mentioning [language]. +whois - Get some information about the user with the given <TruckersMP ID>. +delvoice - Delete the voice channel you requested from +vc. +permit - Allow the user into the private channel you had created by +vc +requestvoice - Request your own voice channel in the server from the bot. Write 'private' after the command for a private channel. Those are all the basics commands, the ones you'll need to know to get going! Hope it helps! (If you want to help this post, please let me know if you find any mistakes or you have any tips or ideias to add. Please leave some feedback!)
  5. Suggestion Name: / Command Shortcut Suggestion Description: With The New /fix and / pinfo Command It Is A Pain When Driving And Having To Reach Over To Press The "Y" Key To Then Press "/" To Type In Your Command. Instead, I Think You Should Be Able To Press "/" And That Will Bring Up The Chat With "/" Already In There. It's Very Much Like Minecraft Have It To Type In Any Command. Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: I Think it Should Be Added As It Will Make it Easier For Drivers With Wheels And In case Of Any Trolls The Victim Can Quickly Do /fix or /pinfo To Then Carry On Trucking Not Causing Any Traffic Jams.
  6. So this wasn't a problem at first, I never had to reset the economy before but just like that there was no jobs to take. So I used the "g_force_economy_reset 1" command and it worket. Here's the thing tho, I have to do this EVERY SINGEL TIME I want to play MP. It's really annoying since it puts me back at HQ as well. And as if that wasn't enough I have to do this in the config file because if I do it in the console I crash when I exit for some reason. Any idea if there's a fix to this or will I simply have to start from HQ every singel time I wanna play? ;_;
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