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Found 19 results

  1. CargoFM - Delivering Only The Best Simulation Music! Non-Stop tunes to keep you going! CargoFM was founded on the 27th November 2018 by @[VIVA] Ricky_TFM and @Flat Cap Rob and set out it's aim to create an online community radio that welcomes everyone, whichever culture, religion, or even background you come from! Whoever you are, you are made sure to feel the most welcomed person in the Simulation Community and beyond! Here at CFM, we value each listener and treat everyone who's willing to listen to us with respect Links And Updates As of the 27th Nov, we have been working non-stop as a team to bring the best experience to your ears and can state we are making good progress with our website - https://CargoFM.Co.Uk and have our splash screen up! You can also join our official Discord for more convenient announcements and updates https://discord.cargofm.co.uk Radio Servers Our Radio Server is now up! Join our Discord Voice Channel to start listening to our full pack of music! The music you will listen to is brought to your ears in beautiful 320Kbps to ensure you have the best listening experience! We have no set date of release as of yet, however are looking to launch on the 1st January 2019, kicking off your year with style! https://cargofm.co.uk is the place to be!
  2. Hello, I saw here ( https://truckersmp.com/blog/126 ) that I could drive my double trailer outside Scandinavia. But I don't see any cargo available... and this in the entire map Could you help me? Thanks Gabidorak (I don't have the Scandinavia SLC, and sorry for my bad English I am French)
  3. ToxicFumes

    Special Cargo

    So, I was reading that truckersmp didn't actually support special cargo today, but after having multiple random crashes after trying to load my krone flatbed, I decided to look at the freight market and saw two jobs that are special cargo DLC items, I was going to take one, but wanted to make sure that it wasn't actually against the rules first! I did try uploading the picture to the thread, but apparently, it's too big, so I used imgur Special cargo offers
  4. Hello, I started creating modifications that allow me to take from the market one and the same load (eg. a yacht) from each company (in other words, only one and the same trailer is available on the entire map in market) but I would like that after switching off this modification (or wanting to be more precise I mean enter the multiplayer mode thanks to the TruckersMP mod) I still have a hooked yacht and the game to see that it is a yacht with a given weight (not a cement for example). I have created several versions of this modification, but each has some disadvantages. Version 1 (base) - Download This is a base version of modyfication. This is only visual change of trailers but the cargos and weights are not changed. Every files in \def\vehicle\trailer\ location has changed. For example: brick_trailer.sii excavator.sii Version 2 - Download Here I modifired the same files as in version 1 but here in additional I edit a every .sii files in \def\cargo\ directory without subfolders. For example: acetylene.sii carrots.sii The success is even ok, but only partially. Yes, all loads are called Yacht, weigh 6.5 tons, but in the game files they are still not yachts and after switching off the modification the appearance of the trailer itself remains as a yacht, but the game informs me that I carry, for example, cement weighing 22 tons. This is a section of game save after save with this mod: This is a 2 main versions of mod but I try to every variables: - Version 3: with *.sii files in \def\cargo\*\ location and try to change a trailer def: but this is not working, - Version 4: with edit a \def\cargo.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht cargo. It even worked but the number of generated trailers in market not satisfied me because I would like a many the same trailers from the one city (in this example from Poznan I have one yacht trailer and from Lodz I have nothing). - Version 5: with edit a \def\vehicle\trailer_storage.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht trailer but it works the same or worse than the previous example (v4). Sincerely? I ran out of ideas, so I thought to try and ask for help here. Maybe some of you know the golden mean for my problem. I want the modification to always show that I am carrying a yacht (as a trailer and as a cargo in information - F6 or menu) and that it doesn't generate an economy reset. Examples 1 and 2 don't generate an economy reset, but the others probably do.
  5. AppleSan


    https://ibb.co/c61FeK https://ibb.co/i0BFeK Doesn't work, help =)
  6. mondeladas

    [PT] Euro Cargo Transportes SA

    A Euro Cargo Transportes SA está neste momento a recrutar condutores experientes para se juntar há nossa equipa, caso esteja interessado em fazer parte de uma equipa dinâmica, eficiente e com perfil de liderança, basta preencher o forumulario abaixo indicado. Normas Euro Cargo: Procuramos apenas condutores experientes e responsáveis para se juntar há nossa equipa.Todos os condutores antes de ingressarem na nossa empresa são sujeitos a um teste de condução nas nossas instalações em Frankfurt am Main.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AT8JAxYnTyfB1C4-hciZk-1ynvRYrfKG6jcdmzhtPDE/viewform
  7. Вчера купил и установил доплнение "Heavy cargo [email protected], сразу взял груз (Асфальтоукладчик), никаких проблем не было, ездил себе ездил никому не мешая. Сегодня решил взять локомотив, сразу же система кикает за "invalid accessory set detected.prohibitet accessory in use (nettrailer). Так вот назревает такой вопрос, какие грузы из этого дополнения можно брать в мультиплеере:?
  8. LukasBach

    Heavy Cargo Pack Problems

    Hello everyone i had a problem, i have this dlc alot time and installed but i dont have a see that cargo's, and what is problem can be?
  9. dark314


    I want to carry high tons -400 + Heavy Cargo DLC as is it possible? thanks in advance
  10. Seemushk

    How to get the same cargo

    I saw multiple groups driving at the same time , and they all had same cargo. How can i and my friend get same cargos , so we dont have to search for cargo to same destination for like 1 hour. Do i have to make an organization , if yes , let me know how. Thanks
  11. I cant select a job and I'm at level 3/4, leveling up didnt change it. I had this happen at level 1 but that fixed when I warped to a dealer. It doesnt fix it now and nether does restarting and the only way I can get a job is by going to a place and seeing if they have any. I have my own truck and am playing on the europe 2 server. My only guess as to why this started is that I started a job while still in a queue to join the server. Please help.
  12. Ivan_007

    Cargo disappear

    Mod Version: Used: keyboard, mouse, gamepadDescription of Issue: sometimes in ATS and ETS cargos disappear (not all, only a few). If trailer disappear in dev console displays message "Trailer position is occupied by player! [coordinates]"How to reproduce: just ride near to the companyScreenshots / Videos:
  13. Just bought the high power cargo pack, now it says i have an unsupported version of the game Do i have to revert the dlc i just bought?
  14. Hi Guys! yesterday i saw some people with a painted '' Schwarzmuller '' Animal trailer ( Cows ). Does any1 know how to do this? There is a Turkish Tutorial on Youtube but i really cant understand his language.
  15. C?rlos Edu?rdo

    New Trucks / Freight

    TruckersMP has thought about the possibility of implementing trailers or trucks to open its catalog? With the possibility of opening a window and have more accessories for trucks.
  16. I have joined TruckersMP forum and i need to get use to the enviroment. Doesnt anyone know,why my Cargos are zero? Does it start counting,since now after i created a account in the forum?
  17. CruelRage

    Special Cargo

    I don't have images of this; but how do people get cargoes that carry trucks? I've even seen someone carry a Volvo cargo.? How can I get one of those?
  18. JayBatick

    Can't pick up cargo

    Topic Title: Can't pick up cargo ETS2MP ID: JayBatick (269) URL: / Server Time/ Date: 2015-07-19 19:15:00 How to reproduce: You go to a company that offers jobs (In this case in Brussels) and accept one. Screenshots / Videos: Attached file. The attached file is a bit smaller because the original screenshot was too big (1mb) Thanks in advance and good luck. -JayBatick
  19. rachel

    My Cargo Bugging?

    Guys, im confused with my jobs. my offer expires is 1000++. i've tried to sleep or travel to garage, but nothing changed. Am i doing or clicking something wrong? help me guys. thanks :(