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Found 5 results

  1. Speedy_TMP

    CB Radio Buttons

    Suggestion Name: CB Radio Suggestion Description: Adding a function to use on steering wheel or controller. Why should it be added?: I think it would be alot easier to have the CB button closer to hand when using a steering wheel or controller, as it means taking your hand of your wheel to try and then find the x button on your keyboard, probably giving less chance of crashing or not paying attention to whats in front of you.
  2. ZombiePigman

    A new button

    A button to add that is not exiting now My internet is very (bad but i can't do anything about that) so my ping is very high. The server kicks me for having to high ping . The server already have a auto reconnect but after the 4th or 5th time it just stops trying. my idea is that you must make a button or a command (/join or /rejoin) to manually join again. maby you can get a better way to do this but a button or command will do just fine. This will not only help me but others with high ping to. Regards, ZombiePigman
  3. DrMrX

    Reconnect button/retry command

    Suggestion Name: Reconnect button/retry command Suggestion Description: Many times i have to exit the game and start it again, just because i have "Unreliable connection". This happens during game loading or during teleport to another garage. Sometimes i even have to reconnect couple times and if that does not work, than i have to teleport to city without people in it, or couple people in it and then it will connect normaly. Just to mention i have net 150/8 and only my computer and 2 cellphones are connected to same router, nothing else and i am not download anything, but even if i do, that still shoud not be a problem (but in most cases i am not). Why should it be added?: Its soo annoying to reconnect every time that "Unreliable connection" error happend, so it would be great to add such an option like that, even its usefull to players who are kicked due to inactivity. I already searched on forum for suggestion like this or similar to this and i guess someone already suggested something like this long time ago, but also long time passed without any option even similar to this, so please developers consider making such an option. I am sorry my english is little bit bad, i hope i said everything correctly, and also if this topic is not in the right place, moderators please move it where it belongs.
  4. T??M???G17

    Przycisk "Reconnect"

    Nazwa Sugestii: Przycisk "Reconnect" Opis Sugestii: Przycisk "Reconnect to server" gdzieś w menu, tab czy gdzie indziej. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie posiadam Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Na chwile się odejdzie od komputera i trzeba całą grę restartować. Gdyby istniał taki przycisk szybciej się by dołączało do serwerów np. po kicku za AFK.
  5. MaciejGaming

    Przycisk "ODŚWIEŻ"

    Nazwa Sugestii: Przycisk "odśwież" Opis Sugestii: Nowym graczom, którzy nie posiadają własnej ciężarówki zdaża się, że starając się znaleźć zlecenie żadne się nie wyświetla. Jeżeli nie zmieni się daty gry w plikach gry konto jest do wyrzucenia (niektórzy wolą usunąć konto i pograć od nowa na singlu). A przycisk "refresh", dla ludzi którzy stworzyli multiplayer do gry singleplayer to nie powinien być problem. Guzik robiłby to co sen w tej grze. Przykładowe obrazki:KLIK Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Pomogłoby to innym graczom, pozwoliłoby nowym graczom na używanie szybkich zleceń. Do Bety (w której to szybkie zlecenia mają działać poprawnie) opcja ta bardzo się przyda. Pozdrawiam.