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  1. Suggestion Name: Reconnect button/retry command Suggestion Description: Many times i have to exit the game and start it again, just because i have "Unreliable connection". This happens during game loading or during teleport to another garage. Sometimes i even have to reconnect couple times and if that does not work, than i have to teleport to city without people in it, or couple people in it and then it will connect normaly. Just to mention i have net 150/8 and only my computer and 2 cellphones are connected to same router, nothing else and i am not download anything, but even if i do, that still shoud not be a problem (but in most cases i am not). Why should it be added?: Its soo annoying to reconnect every time that "Unreliable connection" error happend, so it would be great to add such an option like that, even its usefull to players who are kicked due to inactivity. I already searched on forum for suggestion like this or similar to this and i guess someone already suggested something like this long time ago, but also long time passed without any option even similar to this, so please developers consider making such an option. I am sorry my english is little bit bad, i hope i said everything correctly, and also if this topic is not in the right place, moderators please move it where it belongs.
  2. DrMrX

    Speed Limiter

    ah im realy sorry i did use search box and all i found is this: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/2704-speed-limiter/?hl=speed but again im sorry that i did not use search as i shoud use (my bad), but anyways can i suggest something about this speed limiting or i can just say in this topic here ? and guys please dont blame me for a bit bad english, because im not speaking english wery well so im sorry for that
  3. Hello everyone, i am new to this forum, and i was wondering why admins put 90kmh speed limit when truck of 750 bhp can go more then 90 kmh.
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