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  1. Icon for voice chat IT will help alot if you add a icon that comes up if you talk and the game can hear your voice. I have a mike but not sure if other players can hear me so this would help alot. Regards, ZombiePigman
  2. A button to add that is not exiting now My internet is very (bad but i can't do anything about that) so my ping is very high. The server kicks me for having to high ping . The server already have a auto reconnect but after the 4th or 5th time it just stops trying. my idea is that you must make a button or a command (/join or /rejoin) to manually join again. maby you can get a better way to do this but a button or command will do just fine. This will not only help me but others with high ping to. Regards, ZombiePigman
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