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  1. Hi, today I will tell you which truck is best to buy for beginners. > This is totally based on my opinion and experience. Each and every truck is unique and best for different features, Try each and every truck in-game and you will know which one is best for you. [ Please, Comment which Truck is Best and Which one is Worse in your opinion. Don't forget to mention the reason ] DAF I like DAF because of their design. This is best one for beginners Same basic engine as scania (360HP) Basic price is just 96K I recommend the XF
  2. Her gün düzenli şekilde resim atmaya çalışıyorum. Ayriyeten " Twitch Tv " üzerinden her gün yayın yapıyorum. Resimlere yapacağınız olumlu, olumsuz etkileşimler ile beni sevindirebilirsiniz. https://www.twitch.tv/chickenz_ adres üzerinden yayınlarımı takip edebilirsiniz.
  3. Merhaba Forum ; Yeni çıkan volvo tunning pack ile ilgili düşünceleriniz neler ve güzel bir araç yapan varsa paylaşabilir mi ? What are your thoughts about the new "volvo tunning pack and can anyone make a nice car share? Saygılarımla / Respects [AkTürk] Enver
  4. Heya there, I think this problem is already known, though I would still like to talk about it. I wanted to drive in MP with my Volvo FH16 Sleeper but the game crashes, every single time I press on "Drive". I opened the game.log and saw that the cabin is not compatible with the CB device in a certain kind of way: "00:00:56.530 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/model/cb_radio/cb_radio.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6714 - expected version 506d6715. Converting... 00:00:56.531 : <WARNING> [model] Model animation '/model/cb_radio/volume.pma'
  5. When I click on drive after buying the volvo fh, the game closes with an error message. If anyone knows how to solve Sorry for my English, and thank you in advance.
  6. Suggestion Name: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Suggestion Description: Change the place of the CB on the Volvo Any example images: I Image Credit: Vader Why should it be added?: You cannot see what channel you are on because the button to change channel is blocking the number
  7. I have a new volvo 750hp manual (latest model) and a scania streamline with 730hp manual.When I try to accelerate in the scania in 4th gear or higher gear from a full stop it takes a fair amount of time to get to speed but when I do the same in volvo in 4th gear or higher gear I takes much less time to accelerate from full stop.Also in scania when I press the accelerator key the rev needle drops,then rises slowly.I dont get the feeling of power.Whereas In volvo when I tap the accelerator key it instantly surges forward with delay with feeling of huge power.Im trying to say that in the scania
  8. Hi there who here is looking forward to the volvo tuning pack coming when SCS Software say the date for the release?
  9. hello everyone today I would like to see your favorite truck designs and brands I REALLY LOVE THIS PICTURE
  10. Hey Folks, Just curios, What truck is your favourite and why do you like to drive it? Personally mine is the Scania (The Old One) - I've always liked it since i played TMP. Let me know in the comments!
  11. Ahoj truckeři, měl bych dotaz ohledně stále velmi sporného používání modů na serverech. Zatím jsem se nikde nedočetl, proč nebo jak je (ne)možné, že si hráči nemohou v Multiplayeru aktivovat mody, které nijak neovlivní hru samotného hráče, či hráčů kolem. Jde mi především o zvukový mod na mé Volvo, jelikož nový zvuk mi přijde strašný, tak jsem si vytvořil zvuk, který tam byl dříve. Ovšem nemohu ho nijak v MP aktivovat. Je zde legální cesta nebo možnost, jak toho docílit? Předem děkuji za odpověd, přeji hezký den. Major991
  12. Hola, últimamente he visto a gente conduciendo con un trailer con la apariencia de scania, con el logo de scania, o de volvo o de alguna marca. Quiero saber como se pone dicha apariencia al trailer. Gracias :) // Hello, lately I've seen people driving with a trailer with the scania skin, with the scania logo, or from volvo or some brand. I want to know how that skin is put to the trailer. Thank you :)
  13. Siyah Bayrak Group' Ailemize Tüm ETS2 MP Oynayan Arkadaşlarımızı bekliyoruz. DLC konusu Konuşulur Kendimde bütün DLC'ler mevcuttur. Discord.gg/SYNMUBP NOT->Save Dosyaları yapacak Ve Moderatörlük Yapacak. Bizleri Tanıtacak Ciddi Düşünen Yardımcı olabilecek Dostları arıyoruz Bize ciddi yardımcı olucak dostluğumuzu ebediyet sürdürecek ailemize katkıda bulunacak Arkadaşları bekliyoruz. #SiyahBayrakGroup Teşşekkürlerhttp://discord.gg/SYNMUBP
  14. HI, Im pretty curious to know how did he manage to fit those lights on the roof without a bar?, also carefully look at some other modifications such as lightning at the bottom. Please tell me
  15. Suggestion Name: Volvo Tuning Pack Suggestion Description: The Volvo tuning pack must contain many changes for the truck, similar at Tuning Pack Scania And DAF Any example images: //// Why should it be added?: It should be inserted, because all we truckers have been requesting it for months and because it would expose the volvo as the best brand
  16. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir stellen euch hier Mercania vor! Wir sind eine eher lässige Spedition. Wir wollen einfache Konvois, Wir wollen Unabhängigkeit bei dem Fahrtbuch's, Und wollen nicht nur mit einer Marke fahren, dazu seien PKW's auch erwünscht. Ein Speedlimit hauptsächlich nicht vorhanden, und du bist nicht verpflichtet bei uns Internen "Events" teilzunehmen! Dazu fordern wir nur eine Sache, Seid im gewissen, euren Tag (nicht Username) auf "Mercania [Fahrer]" umzuändern. Sei mindestens 1
  17. Hey liebe TruckersMP-Gemeinde! Die frisch gegründete Virtuelle Spedition ,,United Logistics Germany'' sucht offene und verantwortungsbewusste Mitarbeiter. Ich suche zurzeit: - Berufskraftfahrer (m/w) Ich habe ein großes Ziel mit der Spedition: Groß werden! Und Ihr könnt mir dabei helfen! Zurzeit steht leider noch kein TS zur Verfügung, aber der folgt demnächst. Die Spedition entstand aus der ehemaligen MCLS GmbH, diese wurde aber leider geschlossen, wegen Fachkräftemangel. Um weitere Informationen
  18. Hi I put volvo 750HP engine to all my trucks but only with DAF105 and Mercedes New ACtross I found little bug/problem If i want change anything in service , even one light , colour /paint of my truck - Im geting Engine front cover from volvo FH16 on my DAF105 and volvo engine signs on the sides of cabin of my Merdes New Actross This happens only with these two trucks in game , Every other truck works properly , i can put engine from volvo and enjoy the game , making changes in service , buy /sell addons ,without problems What im doing wrong ? Ist that problem exist
  19. Hello! So, I played singleplayer for a while and I saw that in Volvo dealer shop there is a cool truck Volvo FH V8 (I`ll put some pictures too), but now I play Multiplayer and when I wanted to buy that truck I didn`t found it on Volvo dealer shop. However, I saw that truck at some players, and I really want to know how can I get that truck, I really want it. Thank you for your time, and please check the pictures so you`ll know what truck am I talking about. Have a nice day y`all!
  20. Avec un chiffre d'affaire de 147 500 000 € et plus de 6 850 000 Km aux compteur l'entreprise LRDN (Les Routiers Du Net) Recrute des Chauffeur LRDN (Les Routiers Du Net) : RECRUTE Des Chauffeurs Plus d'info...: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCoOOespDhU
  21. AdaBey


    Selam Kamyoncular; Oyunda genelde herkesin 2 tır teerciği vardır bunlardan 1. Scania 2. Volvo'dur Scania 730HP iken Volvo 750HP'dir. bazı görüşler Scania'nın bazıları ise Volvo'nun daha hızlı olduğunu düşünür sizin tercihiniz nedir? Ayrıca Volvoya da bir modifikasyon paketi ekstradan eklenebilir. İyi Oyunlar
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