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  1. Hey everyone, i have a question, today i bought a truck, Scania Streamline 730 V.8, 8x2 and run just with 144 km/h, anybody know why? I watch some videos on Youtube and top speed is 170km/h +. Need to change the chassins on 4x2 or 6x2?
  2. Thanks! I`m a noob in ets. Sorry for this, but I finally found it. Thank you everyone for your time and for your help, really appreciate!
  3. Hey Mate. No I didn`t tried to make another profile and to check the shop, but one of my friends has this problem too. And no, I don`t use any mod. BTW the picture I posted is from singleplayer. Thanks for you time!
  4. Hello! So, I played singleplayer for a while and I saw that in Volvo dealer shop there is a cool truck Volvo FH V8 (I`ll put some pictures too), but now I play Multiplayer and when I wanted to buy that truck I didn`t found it on Volvo dealer shop. However, I saw that truck at some players, and I really want to know how can I get that truck, I really want it. Thank you for your time, and please check the pictures so you`ll know what truck am I talking about. Have a nice day y`all!
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