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Found 7 results

  1. When you are disconnected, just open the console and type "game". This way you will be reconnected to the server. (The video is in Brazilian Portuguese) Credits to Abraão Gamer If you don't know how to use the console:
  2. Suggestion Name: Reconnect Button Suggestion Description: Please add some "reconect button", it is very frustraing tohave to reconnect every time you forget about how you can get kicked. For example, i'm quite new to this platform and i didn't even know that for looking at the map for too long i can get kicked for "afk". Then I have to turn off the game, connect again, wait for the promods to load and so on.. It would be very usefull to have some way to quickly reconnect to a server, even if you had to wait in the queue again. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Many people would appreciate it, that's for sure. Loves
  3. Suggestion Name: Reconnect button/retry command Suggestion Description: Many times i have to exit the game and start it again, just because i have "Unreliable connection". This happens during game loading or during teleport to another garage. Sometimes i even have to reconnect couple times and if that does not work, than i have to teleport to city without people in it, or couple people in it and then it will connect normaly. Just to mention i have net 150/8 and only my computer and 2 cellphones are connected to same router, nothing else and i am not download anything, but even if i do, that still shoud not be a problem (but in most cases i am not). Why should it be added?: Its soo annoying to reconnect every time that "Unreliable connection" error happend, so it would be great to add such an option like that, even its usefull to players who are kicked due to inactivity. I already searched on forum for suggestion like this or similar to this and i guess someone already suggested something like this long time ago, but also long time passed without any option even similar to this, so please developers consider making such an option. I am sorry my english is little bit bad, i hope i said everything correctly, and also if this topic is not in the right place, moderators please move it where it belongs.
  4. Suggestion Name: Reconnect to the server page. Problem: Falling from accessing the player to the server. Consequence of Trouble: Automatic player's exit from Trucker MP. Suggestion Description: Creation of a programming language that makes the player not to be kicked out of Truckers MP, but redirected to the Truckers MP servers page. Other Suggestions: Creating the command - "reconnection" - located in the lower corner of the game screen, in its left portion. Being visible when the player is kicked out of the server per connection that is not suitable for server connection parameters. Any sample image: Why should it be added? Both solutions allow greater agility to the player to follow the game, to choose a server, which may be the most appropriate and support the parameters of game connectivity, due to the connection rate of your internet to the game server. Consequences of play: Increased number of satisfied players playing in the MP truckers. Because they would understand that the disconnection is for technical reasons and the route to the page with the servers, has the ability to decrease the negative perception when kicked out of the game, for reasons beyond their control. Increase the agility of players in carrying out cargo missions and events. It reduces the time needed to resume the game, contributing to the improvement of the gameplay criterion, an important element in multiplayer games.
  5. Hi! When i go afk while waiting for friends the server kicks me, i wonder if there is a way to reconnect without having to close the game and launching truckersmp again. Is there any command line on console or any shortcut to reconnect to the server i just got kicked off? Thank you
  6. Nazwa Sugestii: Przycisk "Reconnect" Opis Sugestii: Przycisk "Reconnect to server" gdzieś w menu, tab czy gdzie indziej. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie posiadam Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna?: Na chwile się odejdzie od komputera i trzeba całą grę restartować. Gdyby istniał taki przycisk szybciej się by dołączało do serwerów np. po kicku za AFK.
  7. Servus, gibt es eine Möglichkeit wieder auf den Server zu joinen, ohne das Spiel neuzustarten? Servus, Is there a way to rejoin the server without rebooting the game? Gruß Flo
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