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  1. Nope, my issue has not been solved. My only option is to maybe wait for an update or reinstall my windows.
  2. Admins, please report this problem to the developers. I have been having this problem for over 6 months. It's not my pc, my internet is fine I have over 300mb/s
  3. So I have been getting this problem since a few months ago. It's basically a lag spike that occurs even in the log-in menu. It has nothing to do with my profile or my graphics card. I tried to lower my graphics and it didn't work. Tried disabling everything in the Tab menu while in-game and it didn't work. I tried deleting the truckersmp folder from %programdata%. I tried deleting the ETS2MP and ATSMP folders in Documents still didn't work. I tried reinstalling both ATS and ETS2 and the problem is it occurring. Please don't leave replies to update my drivers or to turn down my graphics card because I'm getting sick of those replys.
  4. Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator Mod Version: Controllers Used: None. Description of Issue: My game freezes ocasionally, about 10 seconds between each freeze. This happens only on TruckersMP because I tried playing on singleplayer and the game was working fine no freezes. I don't think this problem is caused by my game files or my profile because it happens both on ETS2MP and ATSMP. I tried looking on similar topics trying each possible solution but none worked for me. How to reproduce: No idea. Screenshots / Videos: None.
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