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  1. I haven't played online that much, so I don't really know how long that process is. Is online always one version down or are there some months that need to be waited through and then it is up to date? I'm interested in this is because I want to play online with friends, but I can't use my profile to play online, because the versions are incompatible (1.40 profile and 1.39 MP).
  2. I bought a new scout car, but the caravans are not visible in the job area. I slept, woke up, exited the game and entered, I made the lowest weight of the load, but it did not work. I have skill points.
  3. Hello, I have a problem regarding the flycam in American Truck Simulator. I've already added it to Euro Truck (with some technical issues). But now I'd like to have the flycam for American Truck as well. But everytime I try that (config save format 2 etc.) the editor where I have to paste the control for it, it just shows random letters and numbers, or something completely different. I also tried to update the decrypt thing, but it is not working for me. Can anyone please tell me how to do it? (I am no fan of videos btw cause they never work for me ) Thank you very much! N
  4. How Can I Get The TruckersFM Role? How Do People Who Receive It Have Authority?
  5. I always wanted to know what others feel about the current players in ets2,i had some good and ulgy experience with players.
  6. What can you say about the current situation in Duisburg
  7. Arkadaşlar, sorum çok basit. ETS2 MP uyumlu modlar mevcut mu? Eğer mevcut ise nereden ulaşabilirim. Nasıl yapabilirim? Teşekkürler.
  8. Best TruckersMP VTC choose from the Following: Prime Logistics Viva Trucking Valtox Logistics Forza Trucking Pries Logistics Spark Logistics RevGaming Red Line Cargo Fast Cargo true-blue vtc Thanks for Replying with your vote if you did!
  9. I recently saw this video in wich fast travel is used to skip the time but since fast travel isn't free anymore I would have to use ferries to skip time but first I wanted to know if these methods where coverd by §2.1 or any other paragraph in the rules.
  10. Hello comunity, here is my question, so much times when i play with my friends, its at night in-game hour, so how it works the time in the servers? it have an relation with real hour? ( specific with UTC ) if you know, let me know hehe : )
  11. Hello. My question is simple, is there any way to apply as volunteer web developer? I know all positions are closed right now, but i just want to know is that is possible. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm Matt, a radio presenter for TruckersFM, TMP's partnered radio station. I've been with them for just over a year now, and work as a moderator for the discord, and a presenter on air. Please feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to answer it! Ask Away!
  13. Hello. I just got Promods 2.50 and I wanted to use it on TruckersMP. I keep getting the error "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client. You should reinstall the mod through the launcher." I have tried removing all TruckersMP files and reinstalling it, reinstalled promods, checked file sizes & names, tried it in Singleplayer (and it worked) and also tried Sim 1 and Arcade normal TruckersMP servers which also work. Does anyone know what I can do? Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/XDqIIVp
  14. How or by whom did you come up with the idea of playing TruckersMP? I look forward to your answers and I hope this topic does not exist yet Have a nice day Best regards Maxi | MaxiZockt13
  15. Hola, como vieron en el titulo me gustaría saber cual fue tu primera impresión a la hora de jugar en TruckersMP. Espero sus respuestas. Hello, as you saw in the title I would like to know what was your first impression when playing in TruckersMP. I await your answers. Atentamente, Sincerely. AldoTruck.
  16. Hola, Bueno yo hace un tiempo que tengo esta duda, es que si ¿en un futuro estaría la posibilidad de que se añadieran servidores con mods de mapas? ( gratuitos por supuesto ), tales así como el promods. Toda esta pregunta desde la duda y curiosidad. gracias por leer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, Well I have had this question for a while, is that if in the future would there be the possibility of adding servers with map mods? (free o
  17. Hi, I would like to know if having workers in ETS2 multiplayer is really usefull or if it's only for the solo ? Isn't it buggy in multiplayer mod ? Maybe, it can be a good to be more profitable Thank you for all your answers ! MrNefrax
  18. Hey, I was going to make this in the Developer Portal but I can't seem to post there, so I'm just going to post it here in hopes that a nice staff member will move it for me, thanks So, I'm learning and practising C++ and was making a sort of Telematics system like what lots of insurance companies give new drivers IRL (where I live at least) so that their insurance premium can go down if they're good drivers. I want to mainly test and use this system on TruckersMP as opposed to Singleplayer, but I can not really find any info on whether theres an anticheat, or what typ
  19. Oyunda yeniyim o yüzden pek bilgim yok. Oyunu ilk açtığım zaman ilk teslimat her zaman süresi bitmiş şekilde başlıyor o yüzden hiç TP ve Para vermiyor. Sorun bende mi?
  20. So I was playing ETS2MP for over 6 months now and since I started playing I have never seen the servers to be full(Always like 2000 players to 3000 players daily).It kinda feels lonely to ride along the europe and meet player once in 5 minutes or so, sometimes even rarely(not counting the C-D and surroundings. So I was lately wondering how could we bring more players to the multiplayer how could the servers be filled up daily and maybe have even servers with bigger capacity of like 10k people so that you wouldn't be so lonely while driving solo. Sadly I didn't come up with anything good or use
  21. How to the in-game staff and moderation team decide what punishment to give you. Do the staff think twice? Do they discuss with the violator of his/her actions.
  22. If you have done save editing on trailers then you have probably seen and changed the trailer definition. Whether that is adding states or changing the weight limit on a trailer.But what has troubled me is how would i go about making a double b double not be glitching when sitting still? I have mass rations on it copied from other trailer so it has the mass_ratio from a 28ft trailer for the 26ft B trailer and a 45ft from a 45ft and dolly etc. However i can not understand what to set the length which is below the mass ratios to. here are lengths from various trailers 53ft reefer length:
  23. Personally I think its fairly annoying I think we shouldn't say rec. As it gives less purity I think if we are all silent the admins will be able to disclose and kick the person if they are recklessly driving as they may drive cautious for a bit if we say recording yet if we don't say anything they will most likely be quiet.
  24. For me it's a way to relax and chill from the stresses of every day life! Especially nowadays when times are tough. Hope everyone is well and staying safe! How about you guys though? What makes you get on every day and drive?
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