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  1. bunu nasıl çözebilirim yeni yapmaya başladı çok sinir bozucu sürekli alıyorum
  2. I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forums to post this but I was needing to know if installing an older version of Promods, if it would still let me into the TruckersMP Promods server, I'm missing a couple DLCs, therefore installing an older version, but I do not want to downgrade my entire game just to find out later I can't play on the multiplayer mod, let me know please!
  3. I created this topic to ask within the community Which truck brand in ETS2 is your favorite? Let me start. My favorite truck in ETS2 is Scania's and Volvos. I use Scania's as my main truck to drive in ETS2, sometimes Volvos when I feel like having a different design on my truck, but it's rare you'll see me in any other truck than Scania's. Let me know what's yours and link a picture below to show others (or me) what your truck looks like, I would love to hear and see your favorite trucks. Image of my truck:
  4. Hi, I got tire damage on my truck, which is not repairable. It startet at 2% at around 120000 km on my truck and is rising up seems like every 30000 km by 1 percent, which is not repairable - the other tire damage stacking up is repairable. For example i do a trip of a thousand kilometers and 2 percent damage stack up on tires and I've got 6% overall on tires, i just can repair it down to 4% currently. I tried changing tires in the configurator and switch back to the preferred ones, but even the other tires had that damage applied directly after installing. Any ways to get rid of this? I don't want to get rid of the wear and tear damage at all, just don't want it to stack up way further and lose more and more grip over time.... Screenshot attached
  5. Hi, I wonder if this kind of modding or save editing - or whatever the player did to achieve this kind of combo trailer is allowed on the server or if I can report the player for... ?!? well i don't know which category this might fit in. Screenshot attached
  6. Hello I recently bought / built a steering wheel and 3 pedals and wanted to ask whether it is possible to change gear with the paddle shifters and clutch
  7. Hi, I have a question about internet connection to TruckersMP servers. Below are my results from the Internet Speed Test application. My basic question is below. Is it normal that my ping in the game on the Simulation 2 server reaches 40ms to 60ms? On ProMods servers, my ping is from 30ms to 40ms. It seems to me that with my internet speed the results should be much lower? I think about it for a long time and cannot answer my question. Thanks for the help.
  8. I haven't played online that much, so I don't really know how long that process is. Is online always one version down or are there some months that need to be waited through and then it is up to date? I'm interested in this is because I want to play online with friends, but I can't use my profile to play online, because the versions are incompatible (1.40 profile and 1.39 MP).
  9. I bought a new scout car, but the caravans are not visible in the job area. I slept, woke up, exited the game and entered, I made the lowest weight of the load, but it did not work. I have skill points.
  10. Niv'

    ATS flycam

    Hello, I have a problem regarding the flycam in American Truck Simulator. I've already added it to Euro Truck (with some technical issues). But now I'd like to have the flycam for American Truck as well. But everytime I try that (config save format 2 etc.) the editor where I have to paste the control for it, it just shows random letters and numbers, or something completely different. I also tried to update the decrypt thing, but it is not working for me. Can anyone please tell me how to do it? (I am no fan of videos btw cause they never work for me ) Thank you very much! Niv
  11. How Can I Get The TruckersFM Role? How Do People Who Receive It Have Authority?
  12. Arkadaşlar, sorum çok basit. ETS2 MP uyumlu modlar mevcut mu? Eğer mevcut ise nereden ulaşabilirim. Nasıl yapabilirim? Teşekkürler.
  13. I recently saw this video in wich fast travel is used to skip the time but since fast travel isn't free anymore I would have to use ferries to skip time but first I wanted to know if these methods where coverd by §2.1 or any other paragraph in the rules.
  14. Hello. I just got Promods 2.50 and I wanted to use it on TruckersMP. I keep getting the error "Connection refused. You are using an invalid client. You should reinstall the mod through the launcher." I have tried removing all TruckersMP files and reinstalling it, reinstalled promods, checked file sizes & names, tried it in Singleplayer (and it worked) and also tried Sim 1 and Arcade normal TruckersMP servers which also work. Does anyone know what I can do? Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/XDqIIVp
  15. Hi, I would like to know if having workers in ETS2 multiplayer is really usefull or if it's only for the solo ? Isn't it buggy in multiplayer mod ? Maybe, it can be a good to be more profitable Thank you for all your answers ! MrNefrax
  16. Oyunda yeniyim o yüzden pek bilgim yok. Oyunu ilk açtığım zaman ilk teslimat her zaman süresi bitmiş şekilde başlıyor o yüzden hiç TP ve Para vermiyor. Sorun bende mi?
  17. How to the in-game staff and moderation team decide what punishment to give you. Do the staff think twice? Do they discuss with the violator of his/her actions.
  18. If you have done save editing on trailers then you have probably seen and changed the trailer definition. Whether that is adding states or changing the weight limit on a trailer.But what has troubled me is how would i go about making a double b double not be glitching when sitting still? I have mass rations on it copied from other trailer so it has the mass_ratio from a 28ft trailer for the 26ft B trailer and a 45ft from a 45ft and dolly etc. However i can not understand what to set the length which is below the mass ratios to. here are lengths from various trailers 53ft reefer length: &41813c36 double 45 length: &41e535a8 28ft length: &41088ce7 45ft length: &415b74bc triple 28ft length: &41e535a8 note that if you see mass ratios from a rm double its different. I went to scs wiki to try to find some answers https://modding.scssoft.com/wiki/Documentation/Engine/Units/trailer_def In the section for trailer length it states "The length of the trailer combination in meters." I tried to make sense of a 28ft trailer do i convert 28ft to mm or cm? Sadly no because neither number matched to anything in its length provided from the game.sii so how would i figure a 28ftB+45ft A+2a dolly+28ft B+45ft A? I can handle it well and deliver with it, except i was informed it was in the ground when i was on the side of the road. So id like to fix that issue because someone that i have seen ran a trailer set of 4 28ft B trailers and a 53ft being the 5th trailer can sit in phoenix and not have it glitching then i gotta learn what did i get wrong? This is the trailer definition of the trailer that i had at the time. trailer: "" gross_trailer_weight_limit: 515000 chassis_mass: &464b6933 body_mass: 0 axles: 12 volume: &42bf3333 body_type: refrigerated chain_type: tpdouble country_validity: 7 country_validity[0]: arizona country_validity[1]: nevada country_validity[2]: new_mexico country_validity[3]: oregon country_validity[4]: utah country_validity[5]: washington country_validity[6]: california mass_ratio: 5 mass_ratio[0]: &3e99999a mass_ratio[1]: &3f19999a mass_ratio[2]: &3dcccccd mass_ratio[3]: &3e99999a mass_ratio[4]: &3f19999a length: &41e535a8 source_name: "trailer_def.scs.box.tpdouble_1.reefer" } I do not have an image of the 5 trailer combo but if a triple 45ft works fine whens still then a quad is close but slightly longer works. image of others that have 3x45ft picture was not taken by me. and heres the 3x45ft trailer definition that i have used and seen that it does not shake or tilt i checked it when with donnytheory at a service station. When i seen that worked fine i did the same to the double b double 3x45ft info trailer: "" gross_trailer_weight_limit: 51500 chassis_mass: &46053e52 body_mass: 0 axles: 5 volume: &431dcccd body_type: refrigerated chain_type: tpdouble country_validity: 7 country_validity[0]: arizona country_validity[1]: nevada country_validity[2]: new_mexico country_validity[3]: oregon country_validity[4]: utah country_validity[5]: washington country_validity[6]: california mass_ratio: 5 mass_ratio[0]: &3ee66666 mass_ratio[1]: &3dcccccd mass_ratio[2]: &3ee66666 mass_ratio[3]: &3dcccccd mass_ratio[4]: &3ee66666 length: &41e535a8 source_name: "trailer_def.scs.box.tpdouble.reefer" }
  19. Truckers MP is not opening and showing this warning all the time. Followed all the methods to solve my problem but failed. Can you help me?
  20. Niv'

    Sound crash

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue with discord and euro truck. As I am in a voice call in discord or if I want to join another call, and during this action I am playing ets, my whole sound system is crashing, means, I can't hear anything in discord or ets. Solution: restarting my computer helps. A little bit embarassing tbh, but it works. But, what I want to know, am I the only one having this issue or am I the only one? -Captain Nivaro-
  21. Why can i drive only 90kmh on the high way on the server simulation1 i looked up everything but there is no seeting changed since i begun the game yesterday i were able to drive 110kmh how?Also i saw another player how drove 110 kmh while i were only possiple to drive 90kmh.
  22. I don't suppose it would be possible to turn the speed limiter off on Europe Server 2, please? I'd love to be able to play with collisions and cars on as I am a big fan of variety on the road and realism, but when I am on a motorway it would be nice to reach the top speed of the truck like we used to be able to. Please, thank you and take care! Ryan Wicks
  23. Hello, Hello everyone, Here I have a quick question about the "National Company" "Success" : if I buy THE Luxembourg garage and make it My headquarters, in your opinion do I unlock this Success ? Salino.
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