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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, A lot of you probably don't know this, but I'm a huge bus enthusiast, and have been for years. I've been taking pictures for many years now of my local fleet and I decided I wanted to show/ share some of my photos. What I will post here are our regular buses on the correct line/ route, Silver spare replacements( Older colour replacements Green and white), and the School runs ( or other different colours on a different route) I will start off with some older photos, most of which are retired from our fleet. This was a lucky shot I got one day of 2 Scania Omnidekka's 670 and 751 both N94UD Chassis (Taken on 20/6/2019) ( both retired) This is a slightly younger reg model of the Omnidekka, 945 N270UD Chassis (taken on 18/7/2019) (retired) And one of our Bio gas buses 431 Scania Enviro400CBGCity N280UD chassis (take on 30/7/2019)
  2. So when DBus support was added to TruckersMP I had a bus purchased, however when I go to play TruckersMP with the DBus client connect and open, and the mod is working, I cannot find any buses for sale within Europe at any of the truck dealerships, I thought maybe I need to enable the Workshop mod but apparently you can no longer use "client mods" on TMP, so what am I supposed to do to be able to find buses again? Were they removed, if so there is nothing indicating nor saying they have been removed. I would really like to know why I can't purchase any buses, thanks.
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