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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: NCZ Extension on Scandinavia Suggestion Description: Extend the non-collision zone due to double trailers update. Any example images: Why should it be added? As seen in the video due to limited space trailers are being damaged in certain areas. Maybe a small extension of NCZ would help.
  2. Suggestion Name: Revision of non-collision zones required Suggestion Description: As the title suggests Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A few weeks ago at the start of Promods at TMP, as I boarded a boat smaller than those used in the base maps in a port, confident that I was entering an NCZ, when by my astonishment it hit a truck parked inside the boat, By chance, it was a game moderator, when I hit the truck slowly and without causing damage, I was teleported by the moderator to the nearest garage with the message that I rammed ... Regardless of this, I notice that Promods, NCZs are too small. The collision areas should be defined to be broader, identical to those used in base maps, or better than it is currently. I also note that some workshops are not covered by NCZ, and also within some companies in some cities. It is hard to describe which ones, as I watch as I play. I think it is necessary to review this situation, which can sometimes lead to complications in traffic management in these places. I also notice that some players are beginning to wait for them to get out of Promods boats, the players inside them. This is if anyone remembers to leave, because some of them when they have just made the trip, remain static inside the boat for some time, making it impossible for others to enter. Thanks
  3. Suggestion Name: Countdown NCZ Suggestion Description: In multiplayer, you need to add a time counter next to the player ID. This countdown will show how many seconds the player will be in NCZ. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: Players have different virtual world download speeds, and if it appeared on the road, other players don't know if it's in the NCS or not. Example: my hard drive doesn't have time to load the world for 20 seconds, and while I'm loading, other players can crash into me. If a countdown is added, players will realize that they will crash or pass
  4. Suggestion Name: Remove the ncz @ marinas. Suggestion Description: Remove the no collisions zones at the marinas in scandinavia. There aren't all that mutch traffic there, and it would make the game better, if we have to wait ( as it is/was @ roadworks in ats ) if there's allready someone there delivering. Why should it be added? Makes it a bit more realistic. And might teach a bit of patience
  5. Game: ATS Mod Version: Controllers Used: Doesn't matter Description of Issue: Collision is on. This is located in the Southeastern corner of Phoenix AZ, "Phoenix Freight". How to reproduce: Drive here. Screenshots / Videos:
  6. Mod Version: 1.18 Controllers Used:keyboard Description of Issue: There is a small but terrible collision area at Esbjerg port, between the ferry boat and the port. I didn't know this collision area the first time I got there. Then I hit some 2 other trucks when driving in the ferry to go to England. I think this needs to be fixed. How to reproduce: Drive into the ferry boat at Esbjerg port. Screenshots / Videos: Sorry but I can not upload anything to imgur or youtube due to connection issues. One screenshot is in the attachment.
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