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Found 6 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Revision of non-collision zones required Suggestion Description: As the title suggests Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A few weeks ago at the start of Promods at TMP, as I boarded a boat smaller than those used in the base maps in a port, confident that I was entering an NCZ, when by my astonishment it hit a truck parked inside the boat, By chance, it was a game moderator, when I hit the truck slowly and without causing damage, I was teleported by the moderator to the nearest garage with the message that I ramme
  2. Suggestion Name: Countdown NCZ Suggestion Description: In multiplayer, you need to add a time counter next to the player ID. This countdown will show how many seconds the player will be in NCZ. Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: Players have different virtual world download speeds, and if it appeared on the road, other players don't know if it's in the NCS or not. Example: my hard drive doesn't have time to load the world for 20 seconds, and while I'm loading, other players can crash into me. If a countdown is added, players will realize that they will crash or p
  3. Suggestion Name: NCZ Extension on Scandinavia Suggestion Description: Extend the non-collision zone due to double trailers update. Any example images: Why should it be added? As seen in the video due to limited space trailers are being damaged in certain areas. Maybe a small extension of NCZ would help.
  4. Suggestion Name: Remove the ncz @ marinas. Suggestion Description: Remove the no collisions zones at the marinas in scandinavia. There aren't all that mutch traffic there, and it would make the game better, if we have to wait ( as it is/was @ roadworks in ats ) if there's allready someone there delivering. Why should it be added? Makes it a bit more realistic. And might teach a bit of patience
  5. Game: ATS Mod Version: Controllers Used: Doesn't matter Description of Issue: Collision is on. This is located in the Southeastern corner of Phoenix AZ, "Phoenix Freight". How to reproduce: Drive here. Screenshots / Videos:
  6. Mod Version: 1.18 Controllers Used:keyboard Description of Issue: There is a small but terrible collision area at Esbjerg port, between the ferry boat and the port. I didn't know this collision area the first time I got there. Then I hit some 2 other trucks when driving in the ferry to go to England. I think this needs to be fixed. How to reproduce: Drive into the ferry boat at Esbjerg port. Screenshots / Videos: Sorry but I can not upload anything to imgur or youtube due to connection issues. One screenshot is in the attachment.
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