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Found 20 results

  1. Hello Truckers Community. Since when I got to know the multiplayer world of ETS2 I was enchanted and in love with the community, groups of driving enthusiasts with the aim of enjoying a good game and following the traffic rules, and playing with friends and maintaining balance for a moment pleasant for both you and others. I played Euro Truck in offline mode but I didn't have a steering wheel, which made me think about getting one and enjoying a better experience that the game can give... So I decided to join the Truckers community, and I realized that ther
  2. Öncelikle Selamun Aleyküm Oyun içerisinde bulunan report olayının bu zamana kadar bakıldığını ben hiç görmedim.Dün ve 2 gün öncesinde sim1 amsterdam tarafları gelmiş yolu kitlemiş herkes beklemekte,alel acele yapmamız gereken oyun içerisindeki report'u kullanmak (yoksa eskisi gibi yok ss al pinfo al tmp geç ordan yap sonra bakana kadar gerek kalmaz )report ediyoruz ama maalesef bakan yok sadece o değil birçok kez öyle olaylara şahit oldum ama maalesefki daha bakanı görmedim ha acaba herkesin aklındaki soru şu mu? Yetersiz admin ve moderatör mü? banada yetersiz geliyor daha fazla admin mod
  3. How to the in-game staff and moderation team decide what punishment to give you. Do the staff think twice? Do they discuss with the violator of his/her actions.
  4. Suggestion Name: Timestamps in the in-game chat Suggestion Description: As a prefix to a players name time would be shown in the format of [h: mm tt] Any example images: Yup, take look below Why should it be added?: Detailed video reports, abusive chat reports or just nostalgia triggers when you take a look at old screenshots. I'd love to hear the thoughts of other players.
  5. Chers joueurs, Nous recherchons actuellement de nouveaux modérateurs de la communauté (Community Moderator) pour aider à impliquer la communauté sur le forum ou Discord, ainsi que pour s'assurer que la communauté respecte les règles de TruckersMP. Tâches des modérateurs de la communauté: En tant que modérateur de la communauté, voici les responsabilités que vous pourriez avoir: Forums: - Créer une bonne ambiance dans la communauté; - S'assurer que tous les sujets, posts, Status Update, et messages respectent les règles officielles de Truckers
  6. My Report Moderator was promoted to a Game Moderator right after he banned me. I got banned on the 6th of july and two days later he got promoted. Now he doesn't answer my ban appeal because it isn't in his remit anymore to decide about banned people. Basically I am lost now because there is nobody responsible for me anymore. What should I do now?
  7. Firstly, I have 3 ban .. And I want be game moderator. As far as I remember, "If you have 3 ban, you can't be moderator vb." I seen this .. Can I be Game Moderator ..? TruckersMP Name : gmr_emrr0
  8. WinTa


    Cześć, chciałem dziś zagrać w TruckersMP ale gdy próbowałem się zalogować na konto wyskoczyło mi: innapropriate avatar. Za coś takiego dostałem perma. Chce się dowiedziec o co chodzi z tym niewłaściwym avaterem ! Teraz nie mogę grać w TruckerMP na tym koncie, ponieważ piszę mi że takie już istnieje. W dodatku ostatnio zamówiłem kierownice, a teraz będzie mi ona niepotrzebna. Dlatego chciałbym aby ktoś mi pomógł i zdjął bana, gdyż tak jak mówię, nic nie zrobiłem a dostałem bana na zawsze ! Liczę na szybką odpowiedz ! Dziękuje
  9. After a certain period of time or only directly from Europe 2 server was doing everything I did but could not find the solution please help?
  10. Guest

    Moderator Reference Help

    Hello Moderator, I made a reference to.But even when examined 3 days after the new says, If you can help I'd appreciate it.Bidet, I made out of boredom in my own language Turkish? or I'm supposed to write in English best regards
  11. Communıty moderator ekibindekiler polis aracı kullanabilirmi? Cevabınız için teşekkürler
  12. Why does my stuff need to be moderator approved? (Is it just me or everyone)?
  13. Sevgili oyunçular, "Trial Oyun Moderatorları" rütbəmiz üçün bir işə alım zamanını başlatmağı qərara aldıq. Qarşılamanız lazım olan bir çox tələblərin yanında Yoxlama rütbəsinə çatmadan əvvəl keçməsi lazım olan bir vaxt var. Tələblər: Ən az 17 yaşında olmalıdır. İngilis dilində yaxşı danışa bilməlidir. En az 1 illik üzvlük vaxtı. Son ildə ban olmamalıdır. Son ildə forum banı olmamalıdır. Oyunda, forumda, discordda yaxşı davranış. Dözümlü, aktiv və elastik. Komanda olaraq çalışmağı bacaran. Sakit və Nəzakətli olmalıdır
  14. How can I learn my kick time? I mean when I am able to play multiplayer again? note: I am kicked because I made a pilot paintjob and I didn't know this.Please solve my problem
  15. Hello, I am one of the few Mac users on this site I see and I can seem to find a way to play with the mac version on ETS2 and I'm looking for help, I have looked everywhere, please help.
  16. Dziś postanowiłem utworzyć wątek, w którym będę przedstawiał wam zdjęcia oraz filmy z moich tras w grze Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer, oraz American Truck Simulator Multiplayer.
  17. I have play truckersMP for around 200 hours and have never seen rain(yes I checked my rain probability slider) why is that?
  18. İ Need To Find Out How To Be And Admin / Moderator İm Member Since 17 Nov 2015 (In Truckers MP) İm Turkish İ Know English So Well (B1+) I Need To And Mod / Admin. HELP PLS...
  19. Hallo ich spiele jetzt schon seit mehreren Jahren ETS2 und wollte mich erkundigen ob es möglich ist sich als Ingame oder Forum Moderator zu bewerben bzw welche Voraussetzungen muss mann vorweissen können vielen dank schon mal im vorraus M.F.G gnomsasch93
  20. I am new to this but i started the game and it loaded me with a trailer then i deliver that and it asked me to pick a location after that i cant play anything no jobs come up. Please help me guys Thank you
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