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  1. No one is giving any reply to my ban appeal.. been more than 48 hours.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Titanic4


      RayRay5 has banned you, so you will need to wait for his reply. Take a note that In-game Administrators do have private lives as well.

    3. touseeftajammul


      lol I know, but no one monitors that site at all

    4. Forraz


      Keep this to the main site. Said the same thing in your post you did. Locked

  2. Thank you for your help It appears that I was reseting the wrong profile Thank you again
  3. I've tried this before , I can't follow these steps because I don't own a truck , as I've told you I have started as a new player , and to get me going I need to do a few quick jobs before I can buy my own truck.. I am new so until the few jobs aren't finshed it won't let me buy the truck... The truck that I have now is from the quick jobs truck This is my 2nd job , when I try to open the jobs section it won't come up and I can't follow your steps because I don't own a truck
  4. I am new to this but i started the game and it loaded me with a trailer then i deliver that and it asked me to pick a location after that i cant play anything no jobs come up. Please help me guys Thank you
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