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Found 23 results

  1. На первом сервере всё время не даёт подключится, сеть блокируется и переподключается, и так по кругу пока не кикнет окончательно. Ну или же отсоединяет по Unreliable connection... Использование VPN не сильно помогает, хотя были моменты когда можно было поездить, но с высоким пингом, но всё равно будет либо кикать, либо кидать в реконект. На втором сервере такого нету, меня не выкидывает и всё нормально. Скорость интернета 10 Мбайт/С. Использую самый маленький по задержке DNS сервер [Yandex RU 36ms] И всё равно выкидывает... У меня есть предположение, что хост машина 1 сервера находится слишком далеко от Урала, что меня попросту выкидывает из-за этого. Придётся ли сидеть всё время на втором сервере, без надежд поиграть на первом?...
  2. This has happened for the fifth time in two days. I live in India and tried twice to connect to europe servers, kicked for high ping, but when I was in the server, my ping showed below 200. Same thing happened in Singapore server. In singapore server, my ping stayed around 140 and I was driving, when suddenly I got kicked from the server, saying my average ping was 800. My internet works fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  3. İyi akşamlar arkadaşlar. Ben bugün heavy cargo dlc sini satın aldım ve oyuna girip yükü taktığım an kick yedim. Aldığım hata da Invalid accessory set detected. Prohibited accessory in use(NetTrailer) şeklindeydi. Aldığım yük 44T dev teknik parça. Fotoğrafını da ekliyorum. Bu konuda herhangi bir kısıtlama mevcut mu ya da çözümü nedir? Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
  4. Hey guys, Since the 1. 35 is available for ETS 2 multiplayer, I'm always kicked because of too high ping. It wasn't like that in the previous version. When I press TAB, I have a 30ms ping. But every 2-3 minutes I suddenlyhave a 900ms ping and I get kicked. Do you have the same problem? What can I do to solve it?
  5. Hello everyone. A time to today, appears too frequent for me to kicked the server no longer by high ping. This problem is fixed. But this new appeared: "Kicked from server. Reason: [System] Unreliabe connection". What does it mean? How to solve this?
  6. When will the locomotive and the slide be arranged? Just pick them up in multiplayer and we'll be kicked ...
  7. I was wondering how i could appeal a discord ban? I looked around and could find nothing!
  8. I have save edited the paint job of the skoda to a truck paintjob and it looks super nice. The rules at §3.3 say that i am allowed to edit the paintjob. But when i do, i get kicked from the server. I only changed the paint job. Why does it do this?
  9. So today I was playing Euro Truck Sim and I noticed people were driving on the wrong side of the road. Is there something Truckersmp could do about that?
  10. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Thrustmaster T150 Description of Issue: When I try to use the paintjob you get for completing the Christmas-Event I get kicked from the server because of "Invalid accessory set detected". I just want to use the cool paintjob and I don't understand why I get kicked. How to reproduce: Try to use the "Crystal Dimension" - paintjob after completing Tier 2 of the event. Screenshots / Videos: As you can see, I got kicked for using the paintjob.
  11. Hallo, ich habe in letzter Zeit häufiger Aufträge in WOT wo man gekicked wird, vor allem ist es ärgerlich man fährt kilometerweit und wird am Trailerstandort gekicked. Habe ein Beispiel mit 2 Screenshots gemacht. Und beim Downgraden kann ich nicht die aktuelle Truckersmp Version bei Steam ändern, ich hab jetzt die, bei den beiden Versionsscreenshots stehen mir andere Versionen zur Verfügung, ich weiß nicht welche ich da nehmen soll. Wenn ich "Keine von allen Betaprogrammen abmelden" auswähle, kommt trotzdem beim einloggen die Meldung Alphaversion. Vielen Dank im voraus Pelfog
  12. Hi I just bought the Heavy Cargo Pack, did a service with a certain cargo and it went well. I started another service in Brno area with the same truck and different cargo, and at the time of looking for the trailer at the entrance of the reception after choosing, I was kicked with a message of the sort (NetTraillor ...). Then I returned to the server and insisted and was kicked again after the trailer was engaged. This would be my second service, and I had to finish it in singleplayer. Since the DLC is approved for MP, I ask what the problem is? I am sending the photo of the trailer in question. Thanks in advance
  13. I have just logged in and see that i am being kicked because i have "Invalid accessory set detected" [Nettrailer]. I dont know what that is, but can see on google that it have something to do with Schwarzmuller DLC...but, i dont have that DLC. Never bought it. What do i do now? [could not find the right forum to put this in, therefore here...
  14. Guest

    Heavy Haul Trains

    I have driven with the trains before. Why am I being kicked for it. It's straight from single player to MP. Nothing was edited
  15. I have been playing the game (American Truck Sim) for a while now, and i really enjoy playing it online. I customized my truck with i think some mods , but i know for a fact that all my mods are from the official game only and i haven't downloaded any other ones. I went to the service center and i have customized my truck and while leaving the service center i got a message saying "Kicked for Invalid Accessory Set Detected" . I have all the DLC's enabled and am not sure which one to disable plus i have tried disabling some but when i logged in it asked me to load and am not sure what to do. Please HELP!
  16. Hello. I play this game very often and never had a problem. I don't use any mods. I bought a Scania Truck and drove a few days without any problem. Then, today, I upgraded it. Better motor, better lights, and so on. Nothing special. But when I bought the upgrade, i instantly got kicked. Now if I want to log in, I get the same error: "You have been kicked from the Server: Invalid accessory set detected. Non-Truck accessory exists." I cant go online anymore :/ In Singleplayer I removed all the upgrades I did, and started the game again, but same error. The DLCs I got are: - Going East - Scandinavia - France - Metallic Paint Jobs - Heavy Cargo Pack - High Cargo Pack But I own this dlcs for a long time now and there never were some problems. Can anyone help? I don't want to reset my savegame
  17. hi, recently i keep being kicked by the servers due to average ping, i play in EU servers while i live in asia since the AS server is down, the average ping while im playing is 270ms (i know its high hehe) but suddenly spike at 800ms randomly, is anyone have the solutions for my high average ping ,(PS: this ping spikes only happen in this game, i tried all online games with europe/us servers and none of them had this issues, many thanks)
  18. Hello community, I got a qeustion i keep getting kicked from whatever server i take with the message "kicked because of invalid trucker accesory" Now i have been looking for the solution on the internet but i got no workshop items only DLC that my friends are useing aswell, also i dont have any mod installed. Yesterday i had no problem at all and i could play i stopped playing at 01:00 gmt +1 and i have no idea what happend. Yours sincerly Rick
  19. You were kicked from the game. Reason invalid accessory set detected Prohibited accessory in use (Net Trailer) What is that ?) my english bad) im dont use any mod, only ETS2 license dlc.
  20. Hi all, I would like to know which of the following DLC packs are supported by MP and which are not (in version Just I keep getting kicked and I haven't a clue which is causing this issue. ETS2 Cabin Accessories National window Flags Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack UK Paint Jobs Wheel Tuning Pack Scandinavia Raven Truck Design Pack Christmas Paint Jobs Pack High Power Cargo Pack Metallic Paint Jobs Pack Going east! ATS Arizona Kenworth T680 Kenworth W900 Nevada Peterbilt 389 Peterbilt 579 Steering Creations Pack Wheel Tuning Pack
  21. Anyone else getting this error?
  22. Hey everyone! I am a user of both ATSMP and ETS2MP. Everyday I am greeted with a high ping note (Over 600ms) I know there are thousands of posts but I have never got my own game fixed by following there instructions. Let me straighten a few things. 1. I live in Melbourne Australia 2. I join EU #1 as the other servers have no players (BTW I still get kicked for high ping there so no differences are made. 3. I have been searching for answers and trying all solutions but none work. Could someone PLEASE come up with a working solution? Here are my ping results: Thank you in advance.
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