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Found 8 results

  1. Ever had errors when you want to play ETS2? Well, never fear! Nadz is here! So, errors? Quite annoying when you want to jump onto the roads and listen to some Euro Truck Radio right? Well... here are some error fixes that may help you! 1) Internal Error [ERROR 500] Well, there are many reason why this may happen, but most likely it is the server end of TruckersMP. It may be too many people are trying to update at the same time or it may be stuff like this, however, if you try later, it should be fixed, however, in some cases, it may not, then pleas
  2. How to fix this Issue? Can't Open TruckersMP
  3. По-долу са някои от възможните решения на различни грешки на стартовия панел. Моля, опитайте ги преди да създадете тикет. System.Runtime.Interop.Services.COMException 0x80072EE4 System.InvalidOperationException "Тази реализация не е част от валидирани криптографски алгоритми на Windows Platform" System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Достъпът до пътя 'C: \ ProgramData \ TruckersMP \ core_atsmp.dll ' е отказан. ( замени и с ets2mp).
  4. Здравейте, в този урок ще ви покажа как да оправите често срещаните грешки в Euro Truck Simulator 2 & TruckersMP. Надявам се информацията да ви е полезна, документа се поддържа! ИНФО: Ако не намирате вашата грешка в документа можете да я публикувате в коментарите и аз ще ви помогна за нейното отстраняване. Моля прикачайте снимка на вашата грешка и лога на играта (Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\game.log.txt). Легенда: §1 - Как да скрием името и чата по време на снимки? §2 - Как да оправим Error “the game filesystem failed to initialize ...” ? §3 - Ка
  5. Hello, I have problem with the game because when I want to enter the game I've got error! And I want to ask You. If I will uninstall TRUCKERS MP modification and install it again, will I be able to play on same account, with same trucks and everything? Please tell me because I love to play that game Multiplayer but I can't! Thanks for answers and Your Time, pilkaqqqq Picture of the error is below:
  6. When i join ETS2 Multiplayer, and i go there to take an offer.. there is none of them. No offer appears and i can't do anything.
  7. Seems there are a few places around the map once u get close to you get a fatal error. Bakersfield, Flagstaff, Phoenix..all of this has started lastnight after the recent update. Not sure what is causing this im current version on both SP and MP no added mods to the game. Any solutions or help to resolve this would be appreciated...thanks in advance.
  8. Hello guys, I have big problem. look error code: http://www.part.lt/img/6bffd4713ccdd09c26c7e91313a77f21358.png http://www.part.lt/img/1ef8512f951113ca69fc286b4f0bc2cb24.png
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