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Found 18 results

  1. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  2. Firma Maximus Maximus Virtual Spedition wraz H&K Trans i Support Vip ma przyjemność zaprosić na konwój dedykowany dla Pielęgniarek i Pielęgniarzy, którzy w czasach pandemii wykonują "najtrudniejszą pracę", której nie widać. INFORMACJE: Data: 21.11.2020 Start: Los Angeles Meta: Tucumcari Zbiórka: 19:30 Wyjazd: 20:00 TS3: maximusmaximus.ovh - Zapraszamy wszystkich uczestników konwoju Serwer: simulation Mapa: Rozstawienie: Grupa I: Kolejność wyjazdu firm: - Maximus Maxi
  3. When will TruckersMP be updated to 1.38 for ATS? I want to know the general turnaround time for it, not WHEN it will be done but usually how long it takes for it to update. I have been playing TruckersMP for awhile and I forgot how long the turnaround time for an update usually is on average.
  4. Buenas noches amigos conductores de la carretera, soy nuevo en ATS MP, y me gusto mucho este juego, de hecho he grabado mi aventura y la quiero compartir con ustedes, soy nuevo en esto de hacer videos, hice un montage tambien, incluido en el video, buenas tomas y paisajes y ocurren muchas cosas, quiero que me dejen su comentario dandome su opinión, soy nuevo en la comunidad y espero sea una buena comunidad en el foro, receptiva, asi como lo son en el modo multiplayer. Si pueden, apoyenme con un like, proximamente subire mas aventuras de este gran juego!. Entren en el enlace pa
  5. I have been playing the game (American Truck Sim) for a while now, and i really enjoy playing it online. I customized my truck with i think some mods , but i know for a fact that all my mods are from the official game only and i haven't downloaded any other ones. I went to the service center and i have customized my truck and while leaving the service center i got a message saying "Kicked for Invalid Accessory Set Detected" . I have all the DLC's enabled and am not sure which one to disable plus i have tried disabling some but when i logged in it asked me to load and am not sure what to do. Pl
  6. Hello folks, Recently I got some problems with my ATS. If I leave the main menu in Singleplayer, the screen gets and stays black as long as I kill it with Task Manager. I tried a new profile and there I got the same problems. Here's what I already did: checked integrity of game files - told me everything's fine → failed reinstalled the game and new profile - failed ran it /w admin permissions - failed ran it /w OpenGL and DirectX - failed The multiplayer doesn't even start. After clicking on "Launch ATS" it's crashing instantly. Nothing
  7. Okay, I have a problem with installation. I know what the right path to install the MP is, but every time I try, it says it's invalid. (But it's not, I know the right path). I don't get what I'm doing wrong, I've tried doing almost everything I'm sure.
  8. Witam, mam problem z grą w świecie multiplayer, mianowicie chodzi o to że razem z bratem mamy jednego steam'a do ATS'A lecz dwa oddzielne konta na TruckersMP, mu działa a u mnie wyskakuje invalid email or password. Dodam że jego konto było połączone pierwsze z World of truck Jest ktoś w stanie mi pomóc ?
  9. Зарегистрироваться на мероприятие на ETS2C Who will win the first Plume? Best European Drivers (Лучшие водители Европы) и Convoy Security Group представляют: Первый чемпионат по водительскому мастерству и ловкости, который пройдет в Кристиансанн! РАУНД 1/6 Difficulty : Что это? Это новое мероприятие, вдохновленное предыдущим чемпионатом "Young European Drivers" (Юные водители Европы), в котором вы должны пройти трассу за минимальное время в тяжелейших условиях (темнота, узкие участки дороги...) Возможно, вы спросите: "Как вы сделаете стены и препятствия?!" Это
  10. para poder ingresar un mod a tu juego sea american o euro lo que tienes que hacer es seguir estos simples pasos: 1- Abrir el administrador de archivos dando click en inicio y administrador de archivos. 2- buscar la carpeta mis documentos y abrirla. 3- abrir ya sea la carpeta american truck simulator o euro truck simulator ( eso depende del mod para el juego que desean añadir) 4- buscas la carpeta MOD y lo pegas ahi Despues solo queda activarlo en el juego y disfrutar tu mod
  11. So i have downloaded the newest launcher, oh about 3 times and installed 5 times, all come up with the same message. ATS is on 1.5. http://prntscr.com/dk0x1d Help?
  12. Is it better to start a new profile or use one used before? I have one profile and bought the game yesterday about 20 hours ago to be more exact, and i started that profile back when i used the demo, it doesn't have any mods with it but i'm a level 3 and have about 20,000 Do you recommend i restart or keep using that profile
  13. So, whenever I start up ETS2 or ETS2MP(or ATS/ATSMP), there is a message saying something about SDK features and that i should click OK. I had this message for a few months now, and it always worked when i clicked OK. But now when I click OK, my game just freezes and i have to close it via task manager. do you know what i could do? do you also had this issue?
  14. Hi, I constantly click on Check now - I wait a few minutes then nothing would happen. I'd try to log onto my ATS MP in-game and it tells me to register my game. I do check now again and I'm back to square one. Someone please help.
  15. When I click check now it says "We are checking now, Please come back in a couple minutes". Its been a full day now and it still hasn't checked and I have done it a couple of times.
  16. I was trucking along in multiplayer and the game started flickering really fast non stop and then the game crashed so i tried loading multiplayer and now it wont load and now i get this message "An invalid version of mod has been detected. The latest release is from 2016-03-06 16:50:00. After closing this dialog, you will be redirected to the download site
  17. For some reason to 16 /2/2016 American Truck Simulator Multiplayer will not start I get a message saying unsupported game version detected! tp play you need v. [f84fd2f0a569] !. Single player mode starts ok. i downloaded and installed client_20710 last night and work ok until today. I noticed American Truck Simulator Simulator was in an update queue on my steam account. Any know what going on.
  18. Tak na zachętę: I taka informacja jeszcze apropo przyszłości MP: Czyli w skrócie, każdy gracz aby przystąpić do trybu Multiplayer będzie musiał przegrać 2h w trybie Singlaplayer.
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