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  1. Hello Truckers Community. Since when I got to know the multiplayer world of ETS2 I was enchanted and in love with the community, groups of driving enthusiasts with the aim of enjoying a good game and following the traffic rules, and playing with friends and maintaining balance for a moment pleasant for both you and others. I played Euro Truck in offline mode but I didn't have a steering wheel, which made me think about getting one and enjoying a better experience that the game can give... So I decided to join the Truckers community, and I realized that there are a lot of breaking of in-game rules, violations and disturbances of players that do not respect others and contaminate a good gaming experience... I am a very strict person in that aspect, I like to appreciate the order and rules where everyone can play without being disturbed or disturbing. Identifying bad words and hate speech or any type of conduct that goes against the rules of Truckers MP. I would like if it is possible for me to become a moderator, in some kind, someone who can patrol the map to make sure everything is ok, and that no player is being harassed by any trucker, bullied or threatened, blocking the roads, doing a lot of other disturbance stuff that is not good to everyone. I don't know if the community need moderator, admin, Patrols, I don't know the names, I also don’t know what it takes to be one, but one thing I know, I have the will and passion. And I think I could help and contribute in some way to the community, I have a lot of free time and disposition. I am still growing and ranking experience in the game, but since the day I played I saw a lot of disorder and lack of respect violating rules like, blocking passages, hitting other truckers on purpose or not, I realized that there is a way to report, but many violations that I witnessed I would love to take notes and disclose the name and identification of the offender so that he is punished according to the rules of the game. I don't know how it works the recruitment system and what qualifications should be, but I decide to give a try, Because I have been useful in helping mods and admins to select, organize and detect new problems, to maintain a clean and playable environment in some multiplayer games I am good at it, I take it very seriously when I invest my time in a place I am in love, which is driving around Europe seeing beautiful landscapes while listening to good music on the radio and always observing the environment and if everything is fine, I think I was born for that. I apologize for the long text, even if I don't get the moderation title or if this is only for developers or privileged people, I will understand. I appreciate your attention and I am here if anyone need help.
  2. Öncelikle Selamun Aleyküm Oyun içerisinde bulunan report olayının bu zamana kadar bakıldığını ben hiç görmedim.Dün ve 2 gün öncesinde sim1 amsterdam tarafları gelmiş yolu kitlemiş herkes beklemekte,alel acele yapmamız gereken oyun içerisindeki report'u kullanmak (yoksa eskisi gibi yok ss al pinfo al tmp geç ordan yap sonra bakana kadar gerek kalmaz )report ediyoruz ama maalesef bakan yok sadece o değil birçok kez öyle olaylara şahit oldum ama maalesefki daha bakanı görmedim ha acaba herkesin aklındaki soru şu mu? Yetersiz admin ve moderatör mü? banada yetersiz geliyor daha fazla admin moderatör alıp güçlendirseler hiç bir sorun yaşamayız bence,yani yetkililere tek sorum şu OYUN İÇİ REPORT NE İŞE YARIYOR?
  3. I sent a comment on feedback a few days ago and is marked as under investigation. I was sent a generic message 2 hours later in which I responded as it seems it doesn't apply to my message but no reply back after a couple of days and I cannot create another post on feedback until it is closed. What should I do?
  4. Suggestion Name: Call Admin Suggestion Description: My idea is that in very busy areas such as the Kirkenes Zone, Calais - Duisburg or Events and others, have a button on the Tab for example and that if there is an Admin available to come take a look. Any example images: https://imgur.com/a/YrhITB5 Why should it be added?: I think that it should be added in 2 ways, one is that the players would behave sooner if they saw an Admin, and the traffic would be more fluid, at rush hour Kirkenes did not drop below 3 hours stuck .... And the other is why if the Admins are bored or do not know what to do because they can attend to it, I believe that there is always an Admin available ... no?
  5. Yeni Adminler gelsin . Alıımlar baslasın
  6. Suggestion Name: Pickup trucks Suggestion Description: pickup trucks and hauling jobs Why should it be added? I would rather see pickup trucks be added than the skoda since it is in the same category as trucks, i believe it would also do a wonderful job with hauling jobs and also to give players a realistic feeling of what it is like to haul trailers with a pickup truck while there are thousands of other drivers around doing the same thing. And i also think players would engage more in the game if modified kits where added each update for the pickup trucks and also there are some people who dont want to be too high or too low of the ground and thats where the pickup truck comes in and also since it is smaller than alot of semis it should be cheaper which should enable beginners or starter players to learn easier by doing the easier haulings first and then as they level up they move on to bigger trucks and trailers. o
  7. Guest

    Oyun moderatör

    Öncelikler slm lar şuan oyun moderatörü açık kapandı zaman en erken ne zaman açılır
  8. Firstly, I have 3 ban .. And I want be game moderator. As far as I remember, "If you have 3 ban, you can't be moderator vb." I seen this .. Can I be Game Moderator ..? TruckersMP Name : gmr_emrr0
  9. Hello Everyone, This may be a bit of topic but I need to find nightsword^, i have been searching for him for almost 4 days now, we recently had a chat in-game about something i need help about, he said if i do need help then search for him on twitter, although i can not find his account anywhere, i have sent a friend request on discord, if you are reading this NightSword^, then please add me on discord as i would like some help from you. You may remember me from a previous chat at the road side at the C-D road by the train area. Also if you know NightSword^ please reply and let him know i have posted this forum THANK YOU TO ALL THE ADMIN AND STAFF FOR MAKING TRUCKERSMP AND ETS2 A BETTER GAME TO PLAY Thanks, XBTheGamerYT
  10. WinTa


    Cześć, chciałem dziś zagrać w TruckersMP ale gdy próbowałem się zalogować na konto wyskoczyło mi: innapropriate avatar. Za coś takiego dostałem perma. Chce się dowiedziec o co chodzi z tym niewłaściwym avaterem ! Teraz nie mogę grać w TruckerMP na tym koncie, ponieważ piszę mi że takie już istnieje. W dodatku ostatnio zamówiłem kierownice, a teraz będzie mi ona niepotrzebna. Dlatego chciałbym aby ktoś mi pomógł i zdjął bana, gdyż tak jak mówię, nic nie zrobiłem a dostałem bana na zawsze ! Liczę na szybką odpowiedz ! Dziękuje
  11. Guest

    Comboio GCEE

    COMBOIO OFICIAL G.C.E.E - 13/04/2019 Olá, convido a todos para mais um comboio da GCEE, a empresa mandante desse sábado será a SBS Xpress e estão todos convidados a participar, como de costume todos os nossos comboios são observados por GMs da TruckersMP, então sigam as regras para evitar penalidades. Abaixo estão algumas Informações do comboio: Data: 13/04/2019 Concentração: 20h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Saida: 21h00 (Horário Oficial de Brasília) Cidade de Saída: Milão (Libellula) Cidade de destino: Frankfurt (WGCC) Carga: Escolha ou crie uma carga ! Servidor: Euro 2 Server Reserva: Euro 3 REGRAS Não é permitido ultrapassar no comboio. Respeito às Escoltas, GMs e todos acima de tudo. Contamos com sua presença! . Ordem de Saída e maiores informações disponível em nosso site. Acesse nosso site: http://www.gcee.com.br/
  12. After a certain period of time or only directly from Europe 2 server was doing everything I did but could not find the solution please help?
  13. New Admin Vehicle Costumization Options: Suggestion Description: Hello Everyone. I got a new suggestion to make regarding the paintjobs that admins could use in truckersmp. I spoke to some admins and we came to a conclusion that some of them still prefer trucks over cars. So how could we solve this. First of all i would like to propose on an idea we came up with. As many of truckersmp players know. There is a paintjob specificly used by admins with blue lights ofcourse. So my question is: Why not add a police skin for trucks that are already available in steam workshop? (i am aware that the skins would have to be modified.) Thats what i would like to suggest. Also i suggest that blue light beacons would be added to the trucks. And even Police trailers skins should be available for the admins to use. i would like to suggest that they should be reflective aswell. Any Example Images? Pictures are unavailable atm. Why Should This Be Added? So why should this be implemented. Well it would give admins more choices of ,,patrolling" i believe it could make the game more realistic (because police trucks already exist to carry equipment etc.) Also from my point of view its always nice to see something different than cars and if the skins are going to look nice and it will allow the administrators drive and finish jobs. I dont see anything negative than adding work to the addon team. So what other advantages does it have then improving realism. Well it adds more options for admins which means more freedom of choice. I will be happy to find out your opinions and ideas/suggestions. And also ill be happy to know if its possible to make or not. Thank you for reading this. And i want to wish you a nice day. Sincerly, Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515
  14. nasıl admin olabilirim veya olmaya çalışabilirim bunu bilmiyorum yardım ederseniz sevinirim
  15. What do you think if MP adds fake admin cars on the side of the roads or patrolling AI cars with their fake names? Can that prevent trolls?
  16. When will the game module be opened? I have conditions for admin for the truckersmp. But a few days ago, game mod was closed. When can I complete the admin requesting list?...
  18. Hello; I've been banned for no reason yesterday. I've appealed and I'm finally unbanned today. Unfortunately I couldn't play the game yesterday because of irresponsible game mod who doesn't even watch the proofs before punishing players. I've asked for administrative complaints link/e-mail in my appeal but probably the game mod in question just ignored my request and didn't give me the contact link for the administrative complaints. He just said "I am really sorry, there was misunderstanding between two trucks. The ban will be replaced with "@BANBYMISTAKE" and removed." instead of giving me the administrative complaints link/e-mail. I'd probably remain banned if I didn't record when the vehicle crash happens. Here is the video which some person used to report another person: The video that made me banned for no reason. And my perspective: EGEKAN As you CLEARLY see I have done nothing and I've been banned for this. I'd like to make an administrative complaint against the game mod that banned me without watching the proofs carefully. In short, could you guys give me a link or e-mail for this? Best regards.
  19. ETS2' Türkiye dlc'nin olmasını istiyorum ilgili kişi ve kişilere arz ve rica ederim
  20. Moin Moin liebe Freunde der zahlreichen Achsen! Jene von euch die die einsamen Stunden auf den Autobahnen satt sind und/oder sich einer (neuen) Spedition anschließen möchten, sind hier Fündig geworden! Bevorzugst auch du Hubraum statt Wohnraum? Ist der Güterverkehr genau dein Ding? Dann aber schnell zur RML! - Rhein-Main Logistik Idealerweise fährst du via Trucksbook und Sped-V oder nutzt zumindest eines Davon. Falls nicht, bin ich gerne bei der Installation und Einrichtung behilflich. Teamspeak ist allerdings, zwecks kommunikation, pflicht. Da sich die Firma neu und im Aufbau befindet suchen wir vom Personalmanagement bis zum Fahrer. Klingt Interessant? - Dann schaue auf dem TS (IP: RML) vorbei! Im Regelfall bin ich im Teamspeak zugegen. - (Nein ich bin nicht der User "Gott" - Das ist lediglich ein Bot, der einige funktionen steuert und noch weitere Aufgaben erhalten wird) :-) Falls nicht erscheine ich zeitnah! In der Zwischenzeit freut sich einer der Musikbots sicherlich über ein wenig Gesellschaft. Eine HP haben wir nicht, kann jedoch, sofern es der Wunsch der Fahrer ist zügig eingerichtet werden. An dieser Stelle erspare ich mir das gelaber wie toll die Firma doch ist und weshalb du lieber zur RML als zu anderen Speditionen gehen oder wechseln solltest. Daher geht es direkt mit dem nervigen Teil weiter - ein paar Regeln (würg): 1.) Das Ganze ist immer noch ein Spiel - Reallife geht vor! 2.) Es gibt kein Gehetze oder Beleidigungen gegenüber anderen Fahrern und Firmen! 3.) Jeder wird mit Respekt und Anstand behandelt! 4.) Streitigkeiten innerhalb der Firma werden GEMEINSAM gelöst! 5.) Alleingänge, vor allem der Führungsebene, werden ungern gesehen! 6.) Absichtliches Rammen, Rücksichtsloses fahren etc. sind vollständig untersagt! 7.) Teamspeak, Trucksbook und (falls möglich) Sped-V sind Pflicht! 8.) Wer hier Fahren möchte, braucht ein gewisses Maß an Sarkasmus, schwarzem Humor und Ironie. Gefällt dir? - Dann auf auf zur RML - TS: RML - Alles weiter kann gerne aufm TS und/oder bei einer gemeinsamen Fahrt besprochen werden. Freue mich von euch zu hören!
  21. I'm waiting reply for report... 25 Hours. If you're a staff member, will you take action on this criminal? Thank you. MP ID : 997102
  22. Guest

    Erken Yaşta Adminlik

    Bunu Türk arkadaşlarıma soruyorum benim yaşım 13-14 acaba bu yaşta admin olurmu diyorum size sormak istedim yorumlarınızı bekliyorum 1 yorum bana göre altın değerindedir <3
  23. Admin Nasıl Olurum Bilmiyorum Çok Kere Araştırdım Ama Güzel Bir Sonuç Elde Edemedim Aslında Bir Kaç Şey Biliyorum Onlarda ( banın olmaması,vs) ama detaylı bilgi almak istiyorum Site Adminleri Yardımcı Olursa Sevinirim Bu Arada Banım YOK
  24. Hello there. I made it on 6th June, the error end result is 3 days ban by darkneon2002, the time of the ban is up from 2018.6.9 10: 45.00
  25. hello moderators adminstradores help me please do not understand why some reckless drivers are passing unhindered to the reports on the site TMP see these videos and respond me kindly if they can only be kicked happened the 2 Hours 03 Minutes 50 Seconds of the video
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