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  1. The scout is a long time now in the servers and is boring now. Variety is important do that it doesn’t get boring. And it is also nice that you can drive another cars. Make a car like a Renault, Peugeot or Mercedes car. Its really cool than the scout. And please also try to fix the sound of the scout otherwise I really won't be driving it anymore
  2. Truck driver: 1607 SCANIA S700 Truck driver: 2146 DAF XF PS: is there a limit on the number of images........? my english is not good sorry
  3. Hi there, I know when I was new it took me a while to get find this out so I hope this helps people... ------------------------------------------Key Bindings specific to multiplayer----------------------------------------------- Open Chat = 'Y' Toggle Chat = 'F9' Toggle Name Tags = 'F11' Show Nearby players list = 'Tab' Push-to-Talk = 'V' Changed to 'X' now if you have the most current version *to use the mouse whilst the tab menu is open right click* -----------------------------------------Using the Tab Menu--------------------------------------- To open or close just press the tab button. When you open the tab menu you see a list of the players that are near by. Along the bottom there is a cog, this is the setting button. You can click on here and it brings lots of options. For example here you can set your unique player tag and the colour of it. There is also lots of options that are specific to the Multiplayer function of the game. *Note Player Tags Remain across game sessions* Any changes that are made on the settings menu must be completed by you clicking the apply button then the 'Ok' Button. When setting a Player Tag you are not permitted to set it to something that implies you are a member of staff, e.g. Admin or Police etc. This may result in In-Game-Moderators taking action how they see fit. The rules say: Impersonating Administration - Ban It is forbidden to impersonate administration or act as law enforcement such as police. This includes tags, username, paintjobs, lights, etc that would indicate you are behaving as an administrator. ------------------------------Near by Players list-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the main feature on the Tab menu. There is lots of information displayed on this page. From left to right the information is: ID Number specific to that gaming session (it is assigned as the number of player from the slots available on the server) | The Player's Username | The players ping | The Players distance from you | --------------------------------Functions on the Players list---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open a players profile: simply click on their name You then have the option along the bottom of the window to either open their steam or truckers profile To Report a player: Click on their name At the bottom a button labelled 'Report' appears. Click it Select the reason and submit it. Reports must be legitimate and should not be made out of revenge. If the case is serious you may wish to take your own evidence. The Rules Say: Chat and Report Spamming - Kick / Ban Spamming the use of commands both to other users and commands as a whole or anything similar. ---------------------------------------------Using Voice Chat------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Multiplayer function allows players to communicate in-game using the voice chat function. This works on a push to talk basis by pressing the 'V' key. For the duration the key is pressed your voice is transmitted. This will transmit your voice onto people who are on the same CB radio frequency as you and who are near by. To change your radio frequency, in first person locate your radio stack. In trucks it is generally above your head, in cars it's on your dash board. To change the frequency look enable your mouse by pressing 'Tab' then 'Right Clicking' Click on the stack around the place where the largest knob is. It might take a few attempts. This will cycle through the available frequencies you can broadcast on. As with the in-game test chat there is rules to follow. No spamming, use of profanity or playing of music. This may result in a ban by an in-game moderator. ------------------Using Text Chat--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To open the chat just press 'Y' Then a chat window appears on the left of your screen. Simply type and your message will be entered. Then Press 'Enter' to send your message. This message is sent to anyone Spamming in chat is against the game rules To send a Private Message (PM) Open the chat window as normal by pressing 'Y'. then type '/pm' (don't input the inverted commas) Then press 'space' and enter the ID code of the player you wish to PM. (The ID code is shown as the number above the players truck or the number on the left in the Tab Menu.) Then press space again and type your message. To send press 'Enter' If you did this process wrong then a red message is displayed. All Personal messages are in white. Example of a personal message: /pm 1234 I learnt how to do this on TruckersMP Forum Please remember that all chat messages must follow the rules set forward by the moderators, swearing at and insulting players is not tolerated, at any degree, and is a banable offence. Taking from the rules: Profanity - Kick / Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate or anything similar. Insulting Users / Insulting Administration - Temporary / Permanent Ban Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate towards other users or administration or anything similar. -------------------------------------------------------------Ending------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I hope this helps all new users to get on their way towards integrating into the Multiplayer community much quicker and easier. If you have any questions or require further help, please contact me and we will see if we can get the issue resolved. Thank you, Miles For a full list of rules follow this link: http://truckersmp.com/en_US/rules
  4. Ciao a tutti ragazzi, stiamo cercando persone che vogliano giocare insieme su euro truck, american truck, e tanti altri giochi simulativi come spintires, minecraft, farming, ecc. Cerchiamo persone serie che evitino di farsi bannare sul multiplayer o che commettano continue sciocchezze. Giochiamo e ci divertiamo in modo normale, ovviamente dovete rispettare le regole del multiplayer e del Discord. Discord:https://discord.gg/JaXggy2 Gruppo Steam:https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tsitaly Sito:https://italiasimulator.forumfree.it/ Trucksbook: https://trucksbook.eu/company/64213 VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/15215 Vi aspettiamo su Discord ?
  5. I found this method elsewhere, and using the search function on the forums, did not find it posted here. I only found questions, but not many answers. Things you will need SII Decrypt (Included as an attachment, but the original downloaded is also included) Your original ETS2/ATS Profile 5-10 minutes Why Duplicate? Some people here may ask, why do this? I mean, you can just use money/XP mods, whatever. Yes, you can do that, but if you're like me, you like a sense of progression. You can easily use an XP mod to progress, but where is the fun in that? A sense of progression feels important in slower-paced games like this, and having access to everything right away is ruining the experience a little. As well as the fact, you don't have to drive hundreds/thousands of kilometers/miles to unlock garages and drivers, so it is a little easier just to have this done. This way keeps your garages, starting city, drivers, trucks, XP, and purchased items intact.The only thing that may change is your money, and that's not in my control at all, it is the game server. Step One Find your profile that you want to duplicate. By default, it will be in your Documents/[Euro Truck Simulator 2/American Truck Simulator] folder. The profile will have a set number ID. If you can't find it (Because you have multiple profiles), then load ETS2 and start your profile, then drive for 10-15 seconds. Your profile will be listed as the most recently edited profile. Here is what mine looks like. You may have more OR less files than I do in your actual profiles. This is normal. Step Two To get started, we need to create a new profile. In this example, it will be called "Multiplayer", but it can be whatever you like. You must be able to remember this name, as this cannot be changed, and you must know the profile name exactly. The rest of it does not matter, as it will be replaced later on. Here is my original profile and my new one. The only thing that will matter here is the name, and you can put random values in the other options. When you create the profile, run yourself through the setup wizard, as I am not sure if the controls carry over. I personally have not tested. Opt to skip the tutorial, and skip the intro movie. Once you are in your truck, save and quit the game. Step Three In your profiles, the newly created profile should be there. Open the new profile, and marvel at the fact that you are about to murder those poor files. Then send them to the graveyard. The desolate place known as the Recycle Bin, often foretold among the files as horror stories and fairy tales. Now laugh as you realize, files are not sentient, and I just made this tutorial a little more interesting for everybody. Or are they? Step Four Go to your original profile (The one you are duplicating), and copy the files. Paste them into your new profile folder. Step four is easy. Step Five In your new profile's folder, there should be a file named "profile.sii". This is the file we will be using. If you open it with a text editing tool (I am just using notepad), you will get a random bunch of letters. This is because the profile is encrypted, and we will need to use SII Decrypt to view it properly. If you haven't already, download and extract SII Decrypt. This is an extremely useful tool, and this would not be possible without it. Once you have SII Decrypt extracted, open the folder, but not the .exe. SII Decrypt is a command line based tool, which is a fancy way of saying you need to drag your profile.sii file onto your SII_Decrypt.exe. If done correctly, a transparent window may open for less than a second, and in some cases nothing will happen. If it worked properly, it should have actual values when it is opened up in Notepad or other text-editing tools. NOTE: You do NOT need to do this to your profile.bak.sii file, and I believe it is safest not to do it. You can always recover the backup and re-do this. Here are the images used in this step. Step Six Now that you are here, scroll all the way to the bottom, and find the value "profile_name". In my case it is dwcuyle, but it will be the same as your original profile. Set that value to the same name as the profile you created. In my case, it is "Multiplayer". It is case sensitive. Save the file (CTRL+S or File and Save), and close notepad. Here are the images in this step. Step Seven Now you can load the game. If done properly, all of your stats will match your SP. Garages, trucks, starting city, literally everything will carry over. Now, you may enjoy the usage of all of your XP, all of your trucks, all of your garages, and everything you had, carry over! The money will not carry over though. Not because this method is flawed, but because the server time is different so you will spawn with several millions of dollars. At least you would if you had one driver before this. If you have no drivers, the money will be fine. Credits Credit goes to Sniper for creating this amazing tool and publishing it on the SCS forums Credit to bazztard84ger to finding this method and posting it on squirrel.tv Credit to me for updating the tutorial/programs, and adding more information per step SII_Decrypt_[v1.2.1].zip
  6. Ich kann das Spiel im Singelplayer starten und es läuft, wenn ich TMP starte kommt nach der Serverauswahl und der Profilauswahl ein Gamecrash. Ich habe das Spiel schon neu installiert, und ein neues Profil gemacht. Ich habe auch den TMP Launcher neu installiert. Es hilft alles nix. Weiß einer eine Lösung? LG HerzoginLeyla
  7. Hey, I was playing a lot in singleplayer with a lot of mods. Do I have to remove all my mods from Document/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder before joining TruckersMP servers or can I keep it without removing anything? I'm asking because I dont want a situations where I get banned or soemthing like this
  8. Steam id: shaji_pappan we can start a community with all the players interested to join.
  9. SCS Software‘ın yılbaşı özel yayınında ETS 2 ve ATS için 2022 yılı ve sonrasında planlanan içerikler, güncellemeler tanıtıldı. Euro Truck Simulator 2 için Yeni MAN TGX 2020 çekicisi resmen duyuruldu. American Truck Simulator için ise International 9900i çekicisinin müjdesi verildi. Bu çekicilerin ne zaman yayınlanacağına dair bilgi verilmedi. Özellikle MAN TGX çekicisi daha modelleme aşamasında haliyle bekleyeceğiz. Daha önce duyurulan çeşitli DirectX12, PBR, grafiksel özellikler, aydınlatma, sesler vb. oyun motoru ile ilgili geliştirmeler devam ediyor. Önümüzdeki yıl da bununla alakalı güncellemeler gelecek. ETS 2 için daha önce duyurulan Feldbinder dorseleri yayında tekrar bahsedildi. 3D tarama görüntüleridir. Dorselerin CAD modelleri ile birlikte çizimi devam ediyor ve oyuna geleceği tarih belli değil. Renault Trucks T Evolution için uzun süredir beklenen Tuning Pack DLC‘si de yayında ortaya çıktı. 2022 yılında çıkmasını umuyoruz zaten hazır görünüyor. Herkesin bildiği gibi Euro Truck Simulator 2’nin ana haritasında yer alan Avusturya ülkesi yenileniyor. Daha önce birçok ekran görüntüsü paylaşılmıştı. Tamamen değişen ülke tasarımı için bu kez Alpler bölgesinden harika görüntüler paylaşıldı. Oyuncuları heyecanlandıran yerler tamamen değişmiş olarak geliyor. 2022’de en çok beklenen harita yenilemelerinden biri olacak. Ve 2022 yılına ertelenen ETS 2’nin Heart of Russia DLC‘si için çeşitli ekran görüntüleri paylaşıldı. Bazı alanların easter eggs ve gizli yollar olduğu belirtildi. Gerçekten Rusya için heyecanlandıran yerler oldu. Rusya’nın farklı olacağına inanılıyor. Iberia kadar detaylı ve güzel ayrıca atmosferi yansıtan harita tasarımı var.
  10. Yeni DAF XF ücretsiz bir güncelleme ile Euro Truck Simulator 2 için eklendi. 10 Haziran’da Yeni DAF çekicileri XG ve XG+ aynı gün simülasyona katılmıştı. XF modeli ise yetiştirilemediği için şimdi yayınlanıyor. SCS Software ve DAF Trucks bu akşam canlı yayında yeni aracı da tanıtacak. Öncesinde güncelleme ile hemen yayınladılar. Yepyeni dijital göstergelere(hayalet ekranlar) sahip interior tasarımı ve dijital kameralı aynaları ile yeni DAF XF çekicisini DAF bayilerinden satın alabilirsiniz. Yeni şasi seçenekleri ve XG ve XG+ çekicilerine de eklenmiştir. SCS ekibi bu projede DAF Trucks dışında NVIDIA ile de iş birliğine gitmiş. DAF Virtual Experince sayfasında sanal olarak yeni DAF çekicilerini tarayıcı aracılığıyla sanal bir 3D dünyada hem oynayabiliyor hem de DAF tesislerini, müzesini dolaşabiliyorsunuz. GeForce NOW desteği sayesinde gerçekleşiyor. ETS 2’nin özel bir demosu oluşturularak NVIDIA iş birliği ile GeForce Now üzerinden oynanabilmesi sağlanmış. Giriş yapmanız gerekmiyor, satın almanız gerekmiyor, indirmeniz gerekmiyor. Sadece verilen adreste yeni DAF çekicilerinin özel hazırlanan 3D ortamda (ETS 2’nin DAF için hazırladığı bir harita) sürebiliyorsunuz. DAF Drive adı verilmiş. NVIDA GeForce NOW platformunun harika streaming teknolojisi ile özel şekilde hazırlanan bu ETS 2 demosunda yeni DAF XF çekicisini test edebilirsiniz. Yukarıda da belirtildiği gibi bu demo için oyuna sahip olmanız bile gerekmiyor! Eğer isterseniz zaten sahip olanlar NVIDIA GeForce Now ile her yerden ETS 2 oynayabiliyor. Yeni DAF XF çekicisi ile Kerb View Window adı verilen sağ kapının altına yerleştirilmiş cam pencere de var. Buradan bisiklet, motosiklet sürenler veya çekicinin yanına gelen diğer araçları açıkça görebilmesi sağlanıyor. Ayrıca buradaki koltuğu isterseniz kaldırabiliyorsunuz. Yeni kapı kolu daha eklenmiş(yarısı boyalı) 6×2 FTN şasiler ve FTS şasiler de XF, XG, XG+ çekicilerinde kullanılıyor. FTN şasilerin arka dingili dönebiliyor. XF’de ek olarak daha kısa FT (4×2) şasi var. Şasiler 4×2 FT Kısa 4×2 FT Extra Tank 4X2 FT Uzun FTS FTN (arka dingil dönebiliyor) Motor MX-11 368 bg(270kW) MX-11 408 bg(300kW) MX-13 423 bg(315 kW) MX-11 449 bg(330 kW) MX-13 483 bg(355 kW) MX-13 530 bg(390 kW) Şanzıman ZF 12,16 Şanzıman ve Retarder, Diferansiyel seçenekleri Interior Hexagon Hexagon UK Argenta Argenta UK Natura Natura UK Aynalar Mirror Cam Side Mirror DAF Drive uygulaması üzerinden yeni DAF XF, XG veya XG+ çekicilerinden bir test sürüşü yapıp ekran görüntüsünü Twitter, Instagram, veya Facebook üzerinden #RideDAF etiketi ile paylaşarak DAF Trucks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) ve NVIDIA GeForce NOW (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) resmi profillerini etiketleyebilirsiniz. Çeşitli ödüller dağıtılacak. DAF Drive Oynamak İçin Tıklayın: DAF Drive
  11. KRONE Trailer Pack DLC‘si bugün küçük bir güncelleme aldı. SCS Software yeni güncelleme ile KRONE dorseleri için yeni güvenlik önlemlerini ekliyor. Mart ayında KRONE tarafından dorseler için tanıtılan yoldaki diğer sürücülerin güvenliğini önemli ölçüde artıran yeni tasarlanmış arka tampon altı korumaları ile donatmaya başlamışlar. Yeni tampon olası bir araç çarpışmasında yol açabilecek ani bir frenlemede dorsenin arkasında seyreden araçların sürücüsünü korumak için tasarlanmış. Bu özelliğin tanıtımı özellikle Avrupa Birliği tarafından talep edilmiş ve 1 Eylül 2021 tarihinden itibaren ise Avrupa’daki tüm ticari araç üreticileri için zorunlu hale getirilmiş. SCS Software da bu yeni ve gerçekçi seçeneği KRONE ile iş birliği içerisinde ETS 2’ye getirdiği için mutluluk duyuyor. Bu gibi adımlarla içerikleri mümkün olduğunca gerçeğe yakın tutuyorlar. Ayrıca KRONE Trailer Pack DLC’si için kabin içerisine aksesuar olarak KRONE TV‘nin yüzü olan Harald Schäfer oyuncak figürünü eklemişler.
  12. Hi there. Was playing on TMP ETS2 Promods server, and noticed a lot more lag than usual. The experience is similar to floating back and forth while driving, with frame rates as low as 28fps. This would be playable if it were a smooth 28fps. My usual frame rate is 60fps prior to the latest updates. I experience more of this lag while in the in-cab view (Viewpoint 1), but still notice it in Viewpoint 6 too. This only started occurring as of the latest TMP updates - previous versions I did not have this issue Specs: Dell XPS 8910. i7 6700 3.4-4.0GHz, 32GB DDR4 2666MHz, GTX 1070 8GB, Windows 7 Pro SP1. I know my computer is not at fault, as I was playing recently (i.e. within the last few days) with no issues I am using the latest Steam Client for Windows 7, TMP client with patch version, ETS2 version, Promods 2.56. Disabling DLC's and/or mods also does not solve the issue, and I have verified all my files are correct. My in-game settings are also optimal for my system, and were working fine prior to the latest updates. [EDIT] - SOLVED BY REINSTALLING TRUCKERSMP CLIENT.
  13. I have had this problem several time, sometimes i can fix it by reinstalling and doing some other stuff sometimes it doesn't, it's just completely random would like to fix it, because half of the time it seems that i can't play. Continuation of the link the has this same username. It didn't take long to break once again and now it ain't launching again .-. The error is still also the same last thing which you can see in the thumbnail or by opening either one of the threads. i think i figured out a major breakthrough as the title says, and no, none of the things that have been presented to me didn't work, the major thing is that i tried this on 3 more computers today, and now i know that the problem isn't the network, because one of those computers worked, i tried 2 laptops and 1 desktop, the one that worked is an older laptop that has windows 10 but is pretty much empty, making me think that there might be something in the other 2 pieces of equipment that may be blocking or causing interference. I know this might sound like a though problem but i think we all are doing our bests to try to fix it. Best Regards ThunderGuardian
  14. I have had this problem several time, sometimes i can fix it by reinstalling and doing some other stuff sometimes it doesn't, it's just completely random would like to fix it, because half of the time it seems that i can't play. I have tried everthing over on this 2 things and at moment to no avail. Error is show as the last thing that i have attached.
  15. I have the Portugal ?? truck paint job dlc (I have Portuguese in my blood for both my parents sides). Will the paint job show up for other people who don’t have the same dlc?
  16. Saudações! No final de março, a versão 1.40 para Euro Truck Simulator 2 e American Truck Simulator foi lançada. Durante as últimas quatro semanas, nossos desenvolvedores trabalharam duro para portar nosso cliente multijogador da versão 1.39 para 1.40. Depois de muita expectativa, temos o prazer de anunciar que o TruckersMP agora é compatível com a versão 1.40! Você também pode ver informações sobre esta atualização por meio de nosso tópico do fórum do changelog. O que esta atualização de compatibilidade inclui? Antecipando algumas perguntas populares, descrevemos o que está incluído em nossa atualização de compatibilidade, abaixo: Compatibilidade do Euro Truck Simulator 2 versão (64 bits) Compatibilidade com American Truck Simulator versão (64 bits) ProMods Europe v2.55 Suporte para servidores de jogo 'ProMods' e 'ProMods Arcade' ProMods Canada v1.0.1 suporte para todos os servidores de jogos American Truck Simulator Iberia Suporte DLC (incluindo suporte Sem Zona de Colisão em locais apropriados) Apoio ao evento World of Trucks 'Cruising Iberia', incluindo a pintura 'Iberian Hunt' Suporte para a versão mais recente da modificação Spring Graphics / Weather (compatibilidade 1.40) Suporte para o Renault T 2021, incluindo sincronização completa e rádio CB Suporte para a atualização do chassi estendido no American Truck Simulator Suporte para Western Star 49X Update no American Truck Simulator Suporte para os trabalhos de pintura #BestCommunityEver Atualizado o veículo Scout e acessórios para compatibilidade 1.40 Adicionada uma nova pintura do scout exclusiva do Patrono Retrabalhou a pintura do Pilot do Scout Adicionada uma junção personalizada entre Rotterdam e Bruxelas de um membro anterior da equipa(e) Add-on, em um esforço para melhorar o fluxo de tráfego Reverteu os serviços personalizados de Duisburg para o padrão Claro, se você tiver uma pergunta que este blog não respondeu, sinta-se à vontade para postá-la em nosso tópico do fórum! Responderemos o mais rápido possível. Obrigado a todos pela paciência nas últimas quatro semanas. Happy trucking! - Equipe TruckersMP
  17. Hi all, I have made a guide (work in progress) That I would liek to share http://bit.ly/1EsmEGY I hope this helps soem people
  18. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  19. When I click on a window on my other monitor, ATS crashes. This only happens when I'm on multiplayer.
  20. Its gonna be good to add to switch button for push-to-talk because some people have it on "X" and its better to can change to be easy on mouse and etc.
  21. Hola buenas noches disculpen esque ultimamente me ha estado pasando este problema y la verdad es que es frustrante. Recien adquirí todos los DLCs por lo que descargue promods para jugar online cree un nuevo perfil pero lo guarde en archivo local en el Single Player puedo jugar de maravilla pero el problema viene en el MP ya que yo inicio a jugar y por ejemplo hago un autoguardado y bien cuando yo trato de cargar ese autoguardado mi computadora se congela tarda mucho en cargar entre 3-5 min cuando regresa al juego me aparece lo siguiente. He Has Been lost cnnection o algo asi seguido de Reconnecting in 10 seconds y despues you has been kicked the server Reason: Unreilable connection el problema es que eso pasa al cargar y cuando sale la imagen de carga de Promods 2.46 sin embargo mi computadora se queda totalmente pasmada tarda en reaccionar y cuando por fin logra hacerlo me sale un cuadro de dialogo con el siguiente mensaje. Game Crashed FATAL ERROR Do you send the Crash.log to the developers? Yes or No Eso me pasa siempre pero solo en Promods no se a que se deba incluso ya reinstale el juego despues de borrarlo definitivamente al igual que el launcher del MP y el problema sigue ocurriendo ni siquiera entiendo bien el porque si no tengo ningun tipo de mod activo como para que se puedan corromper los archivos. Espero que me ayuden y bueno que me apoyen a solucionarlo ¡¡¡ Solo me pasa al cargar autoguardados no al iniciar el MP!!!!!
  22. Hi everyone! My problem is that when I try to connect in the TMP Multiplayer server with my scout, it normally runs correctly, but when all the trucks load completely, all the sounds of the ScoutCar disappears and I can only listen to the radio or the sound of other trucks. I can't hear the blinker sound! I don't know if it's a famous error but I'm finding out that with the las update to the 1.37 version of ETS2. Thanks!
  23. Buenas noches amigos conductores de la carretera, soy nuevo en ATS MP, y me gusto mucho este juego, de hecho he grabado mi aventura y la quiero compartir con ustedes, soy nuevo en esto de hacer videos, hice un montage tambien, incluido en el video, buenas tomas y paisajes y ocurren muchas cosas, quiero que me dejen su comentario dandome su opinión, soy nuevo en la comunidad y espero sea una buena comunidad en el foro, receptiva, asi como lo son en el modo multiplayer. Si pueden, apoyenme con un like, proximamente subire mas aventuras de este gran juego!. Entren en el enlace para ver toda la aventura en la primera experiencia: Aqui >> Montage y Aventuras en ATS primera experiencia. <<<
  24. Hehs

    Chat Mute

    Suggestion Name: Mute chat for bad words/insulting Suggestion Description: If someone use bad word or insult someone on chat, he will be muted, not banned. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because everybody lets their nerves go out of their nerves and someone swears offends someone, so why should they lose access to the game with friends if they can be muted in chat for a given period of time.
  25. Is there away to move my mouse of one screen and move it onto another without leaving ETS2/ATS for example move from my screen running the game and go onto google or discord. I'm not talking about dual screens. I would like to keep the game running on one screen thanks sgtharley5050
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