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  1. camionista89 Released

    sure it works like you wrote?
  2. camionista89 Released

    I also have the same problem, we hope that they release the new version as soon as possible.
  3. camionista89 Released

    beautiful update is nothing to say I congratulate you Truckers MP but I am a doubt the cities where you can not go with the double trailers are only Calais - Hanover - Liege - Hamburg or there are others? so I am the sign, thank you very much.
  4. Thank you for following me :wub:

  5. camionista89 Released

    hi all, I noticed that yesterday opening the multy player there was an update, my question is what have you updated? thank you very much.
  6. camionista89

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    I agree with the update of the / fix but according to me it should be a little decrease the seconds since it was activated, like 10 seconds or 10 minutes at the next reactivation if you go with only truck or truck + trailer attached idem for the cars, but compared to the trucks to the cars a little more because they only damage the cars.
  7. camionista89 Released

    I explain better practically there was a player now I do not remember he used a mod and he sent me all this under ground on Europe 2 is it possible to solve this problem?
  8. camionista89 Released

    I have a problem with this update practically I activated a mod of a trailer in multyplayer and crashes me the multy can you solve?
  9. camionista89 Released

    I do not know if I'm in the right section or pick up a truck for example Scania, I put the LEDs in the cabin where she sleeps, but there does not appear the bar in the truck that does a little light in the cabin, like I can solve this problem with all the trucks I put the led, thank you very much, ah congratulations for the update 1:28.
  10. camionista89

    ETS 2 MP Bug last update

    Good evening to all I wanted to tell you a bug in the last truckers mp that is packed when there is online news and new DLC I almost keep them activated but I do not see them with the pictures and the news can you fix it with the next update? Thanks a thousand .
  11. camionista89 Released

    thanks for update
  12. camionista89 Released

    Good afternoon I have a small problem at all, that is, I activated the DLC from launching the launcher in multy, I go to select world of truck to see if there are heavy loads present in world of trcuk but I noticed that they are not among the You can solve this problem thanks to the great work of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator multyplayer staff.
  13. camionista89 Released

    Thanks for updating you are mythical, but a question about these long loads can we go to Calais-Duisburg or not?
  14. camionista89 Released

    But beautiful update I noticed something was going on Europa 2 server when all 'inside of Calais says fatal error crashes the multiplayer and I can work out why only Calais me it does in other cities no thank you very much and congratulations for updates .. ..
  15. camionista89 Released

    mwl4 thanks for update!