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  1. Released

    hi all, I noticed that yesterday opening the multy player there was an update, my question is what have you updated? thank you very much.
  2. We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    I agree with the update of the / fix but according to me it should be a little decrease the seconds since it was activated, like 10 seconds or 10 minutes at the next reactivation if you go with only truck or truck + trailer attached idem for the cars, but compared to the trucks to the cars a little more because they only damage the cars.
  3. Released

    I explain better practically there was a player now I do not remember he used a mod and he sent me all this under ground on Europe 2 is it possible to solve this problem?
  4. Released

    I have a problem with this update practically I activated a mod of a trailer in multyplayer and crashes me the multy can you solve?
  5. Released

    I do not know if I'm in the right section or pick up a truck for example Scania, I put the LEDs in the cabin where she sleeps, but there does not appear the bar in the truck that does a little light in the cabin, like I can solve this problem with all the trucks I put the led, thank you very much, ah congratulations for the update 1:28.
  6. ETS 2 MP Bug last update

    Good evening to all I wanted to tell you a bug in the last truckers mp that is packed when there is online news and new DLC I almost keep them activated but I do not see them with the pictures and the news can you fix it with the next update? Thanks a thousand .
  7. Released

    thanks for update
  8. Released

    Good afternoon I have a small problem at all, that is, I activated the DLC from launching the launcher in multy, I go to select world of truck to see if there are heavy loads present in world of trcuk but I noticed that they are not among the You can solve this problem thanks to the great work of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator multyplayer staff.
  9. Released

    Thanks for updating you are mythical, but a question about these long loads can we go to Calais-Duisburg or not?
  10. Released

    But beautiful update I noticed something was going on Europa 2 server when all 'inside of Calais says fatal error crashes the multiplayer and I can work out why only Calais me it does in other cities no thank you very much and congratulations for updates .. ..
  11. Released

    mwl4 thanks for update!
  12. has been released.

    good morning to all first of all congratulations for the 'update released yesterday mp 1:24 speak of version I downloaded the version in question, and an error stà we do not know if it happens to you that at some point a black screen appears when both of ETS 2 but ATS mP continues to operate and other users continue to walk you can solve this problem perhaps with the next mP client? thanks a lot.
  13. has been released.

    hi i have 2 problems in the game that is, when do you reach a garage mp me hangs the idem MP for when unloading or cancel the load, if I send in the workshop, refuel etc ... how do I solve it? thanks a lot.
  14. has been released.

    good morning to all I have a problem with the 'latest version of the multiplayer that I do I access the game through steam and does not make me choose the game servers as ever and I hold inpostato of steam pubblic beta 1:23 you know help me? thanks a lot.
  15. has been released.

    good morning to all first congratulations for the 'update released yesterday MP at 1.22 then there stà a small defect that would report on' update that all ports in Scandinavia instead of being the area not collisions are the collisions why? can you solve this problem? thank you very much and good luck!