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  1. beautiful update no doubt about it but I did the update and he told me to download the launcher again I did it and the error still occurred how can I do it? thanks a lot.
  2. hi I wanted to point out that the f7 block also appears on ATS that does not spaw in the workshop and the game remains blocked
  3. Thank you for the update that you make Truckers MP we hope you solve the fact of the F7 crashing and then released the new update as the Euro Truck has been updated today.
  4. as it is not 1.36 on the promods website there is already the new version now you have to wait for them to put it in multy!
  5. would like to mention the f7 block and then also the wheels of the other players' trailers do not move why can these 2 problems be solved as soon as possible?
  6. hi to all after yesterday's update on truckers MP I noticed that by crushing F7 for the workshop it is still bated on f1 and the inside of the workshop is not loaded and then if I meet other players I see the routes of the trailers stopped in place to be on the move like those of trucks you can solve this problem? thanks a lot.
  7. hi I have a problem first of all as soon as I try to start the MP on 1.36 there is a crash after the established connection and then when I press f7 the game stops and I don't have to press enter to enter the workshop and then I noticed that from yesterday do the servers spot a little bit solutions? thanks a lot.
  8. I can't connect to all the servers. I tried to reinstall the multyplayer mod and turn off the antivirus
  9. I downloaded the 3 files, created the mod folder on documents / ETS2MP and I put inside the 3 files but when I go to start the MP on any server gives me the posted 6 hours ago how do I solve it? thanks a lot.
  10. good day, yesterday there was an update and I noticed that now there is the possibility to activate or deactivate the winter mod but especially playing in MP I noticed that it is all night never day like never?
  11. I also have the same problem, we hope that they release the new version as soon as possible.
  12. beautiful update is nothing to say I congratulate you Truckers MP but I am a doubt the cities where you can not go with the double trailers are only Calais - Hanover - Liege - Hamburg or there are others? so I am the sign, thank you very much.
  13. Thank you for following me :wub:

  14. hi all, I noticed that yesterday opening the multy player there was an update, my question is what have you updated? thank you very much.
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