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  1. Our stream is live in 24 hours - everyone's welcome to watch and participate. With MP now being live we will have a drive near the end if viewers wish to join in.
  2. The giveaway is now LIVE! If you wish to enter you may do so HERE. Best of luck to all entrants. Competition closes on March 1st with the winner announced shortly after.
  3. American Truck Simulator Giveaway! So it's been a long while since we at TruckSim.org last ran a giveaway, but that's about to change! Pavel from SCS Software just provided us with 3 keys for American Truck Simulator and will giving them away starting Monday 8th February! If you're reading this after that date then the giveaway has already started! More details on our website! As well as the giveaway, we will be releasing a few reviews of the game so you can see more media, showcasing just how awesome this game is. On Thursday 11th at 1800 UTC (London time) we'll be hosting a livestream and discussion where we talk about all things American Truck Simulator, as well as discuss topics and points brought up by the viewers to get you guys involved too! Entries will close at 11:59 PM on 01/03/2016 and the winners will be announced shortly after! And finally, a big thank you to Pavel at SCS Software for supplying us with the keys for the giveaway! A note to Forum Moderators: I hate to post external links that may risk drawing your users away, however the team and I only wish to offer the giveaway to as many people as possible. If there are any issues, please contact me! : )
  4. I do love how SCS took the time to do this. It's nice to finally see MP getting recognition by SCS for bringing in so many customers.
  5. Simple, make Kat a user with AFK exempt permission, like Admins.
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