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  1. Whats EuroPoort Useless Traffic mean?

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    2. PaulDesigns


      Plus you saying that, it be hard for them to remember who had a warning that is a lie, If they coded the system correctly they should be able to see before they ban or kick the user if they have been warned before

    3. Miles!


      Okay :) Well i recommend keeping it as discussion themed as possible (Less complaining) or else it will just get straight up locked and trashed

    4. PaulDesigns


      I will keep it as a discussion and make sure its not complaining about it

  2. I want to report forerunner for kicking me for "blocking" traffic

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    2. TrademarkGamer


       [email protected] Dont use the forums to make reports about admins, kicks, bans etc

    3. PaulDesigns
    4. Kibatsume
  3. whats with people ramming you all the time and then, blaming you and saying they will report you :( 

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    2. Leff12345


      As long as you don't do anything bad, or if the incident is innocent enough, you shouldn't worry even though someone were to say that they are going to report you.

      And recording the incident will give you the evidence you need to prove that you're not in the wrong :)


    3. ян Powerful

      ян Powerful

      Film your ride and report the players.. Plays.tv is an good recording-program

    4. Leo35


      as long you got proof then that okay!

  4. how can i get someones ID? i need to report someone :( for blocking and then pushing me into the barriers, only thing is i have no videos of this, but the user done it to another user too

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    2. PaulDesigns


      ok, can you recommend any programs i can use in future? 

    3. Shovali


      If you dont have any proof you can forget for this reprot , when i play the game i REC most of the time and then if someone go into my lane or raaming me or blocking me i can send the proof (video) and then is will get Ban :) 

    4. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Without proof, the admins can't do anything.


      You can use a variety of programs. I personally like Mirillis Action! but you can go for other good free options, such as OBS, PlayTV and if you have a NVidia card, you should be able to use Shadowplay. You could also try FRAPS (more like "CRAPS", to me, though). These are just a few options. I remember seeing a post with many more suggestions somewhere around here a few weeks ago. If only I could remember the title of it...

  5. Still wondering how to get that trailer online which is carrying trucks and cars :( 

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    2. Leff12345


      Well, the DLC is definately worth it (from my view), but there are also MP compatible trailer mods too if you wondered. But as I said, if you wonder about getting the Scandinavian DLC, I would say it's worth it :)

    3. PaulDesigns


      ok I think i will get it thanks :D 

    4. Leff12345


      No problem, but don't mind looking on some reviews too if you want to :P


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