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  1. edo.g

    TruckersMPBot [Messenger Bot]

    Usually there's a menu on the left side of the chat, and if you click (or tap) on it, a list of commands will appear on your screen.
  2. edo.g

    TruckersMPBot [Messenger Bot]

    TruckersMPBot (Messenger / Facebook version) Personally, I don't like Facebook and his related services, but I want that all users can enjoy my creations, and so I'm here with a Messenger ( or Facebook ) version of TruckersMPBot. The features remain similar to the Telegram version, but something changed, due to messenger api limits. And for these limits I think that this version will never change, so, if I will add a new feature to Telegram version, Messenger version won't add any feature. Here there are some screenshots: And here it is the Messenger Code, scan it with your smartphone and you will be bring to the chat: Or use the link: m.me/TruckersMPBot Source and License Telegram Version
  3. edo.g

    TruckersMPBot [Telegram Bot]

    Issue resolved. With new version (0.3.1) you have to wait 3 seconds before making another request. This doesn't work for inline keyboards, which are under convoys list.
  4. edo.g

    TruckersMPBot [Telegram Bot]

    TruckersMPBot Do you use Telegram? If your answer is YES, I invite you to try my new bot about TruckersMP. It shows show you some useful information about TruckersMP and his network like servers stats and convoys information. All in your Telegram app, without installing another app. Screenshots Features - Servers Stats : shows you stats for every server - Convoys List : shows you a list of convoys in ets2c.com - Game Time : shows you the current time on servers - Kat_pw Stream Preview : shows you a preview of kat_pw's stream to check traffic near Rotterdam and EuroPoort - General Information: shows you some information about bot and TruckersMP Link : telegram.me/TruckersMPBot Source and License
  5. Spero che ricreino anche il design delle strade come nel DLC Scandinavia