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  1. Succes Kevin! Misschien zien we mekaar een keer rijden in EU 1. Ben charter geworden en rij voornamelijk op Scandinavie en Baltic States.
  2.  What is wrong with eu 1?

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    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      I think you mean what's not wrong with EU1? :D 

    3. WaRLoeK [NL]

      WaRLoeK [NL]

      Why so mean against eu 1??

      I am just curious why you can't play on eu 1 lol..

    4. BL4CK$K1LL


      Server is down I think or something like this

  3. The road to Scandinavia Driving from the netherlands to Scandinavia for my Company.
  4. @Dziada Sorry Teacher. But in Denmark 'Denmark110 (some signed at 130 km/h)' I didn't know a motorway was a highway thought it was a country road or something so sorry my bad. And Autobahn sorry but I am half german I know how to spel german words haha! I forget to type the 'o' after Aut so sorry also my bad. These are not the wrong things we mean here that are just minor mistakes haha! But if your going to be like that okay fine haha! Much pleasure with it.
  5. @Dziada Sorry buddy my fault ;( But that's just 1 thing?
  6. @Dziadahttps://www.drive-alive.co.uk/driving_tips.html Incorrect?
  7. @DziadaI have been on the Autbahn lol I know you can as fast as you want in germany but I think you didn't do researsch Because in the netherlands you can go on the moterways max 80km/h and on the Highways 130/km on some places but mainly 120km/h in sweden you can go max 110km/h and that is also in denmark and norway. In france it is also max 130km/h. And btw it was just a sugestion buddy. And maybe it is just better if the car can't driver faster then 120km/h because guys like you are going to race with it and it is a simulator game haha!
  8. Well, This is one of the reasons I play EU 1 there are no cars so no trolls. But if you want to limit the cars top speed to 140km/h why are we not going to limit the truck top speed to 110km/h like eu 1? or lower. It would Reduce much accidents I think. Or just like Real life Limit trucks on 90km/h and cars only can drive 120km/h max. I drive ofton on EU 1 because most of the time people drive norma lAnd they keep to the speed rules.
  9. I like to drive in Scandinavia because it is beautifull
  10. Congruatulations belgium!!

    Greats froms the netherlands!

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Congrats Belgium :) 

  11. Vos Logistics? Een orginelere zou misschien wat beter zijn 0_o Maar wederom veel succes.
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