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  1. Does the game actually crash (like close), or does it give you an issue such as "A game save change has been detected, moving to a safe place"?
  2. Thank you for your responses @-AV- & @AdaBey. I'm sure it is not my PC: I get a solid 60fps most of the time on the game. I don't have any flags however do have that DLC. I will check the settings though in game and see if that makes a difference.
  3. Firstly, I haven't really used this forum much so I apologise if this is the wrong place to post about this. I have used TruckersMP now since 2016 and usually driven on my own. When I say driven on my own, I mean with other players but not like, with them to the same destination. Anyway, I have recently started driving with other players and we take external loads because it is easy to get them to the same destination. We don't mind the 90km/h limit. However, when we drive at 90km/h, the limit, all other players can keep up with the front person, but slowly I start to drift behind. Like, it looks as if they are going like 91km/h or 92km/h to me when it just says 90km/h on the speedometer. I find this very strange as my internet is certainly not bad. My ping is usually always less than 50ms, and on average in the 30s. Furthermore, people say I don't lag at all which makes it very strange to me that my truck would be driving "slower". Anyone got any solutions or reasons as to why this would only be happening to me? Thanks in advance Happy Trucking, Sam.
  4. When I go into the freight market there is nothing there that I can deliver. It has been working fine until I have just loaded it up now. Please help. Thanks
  5. SamN

    Help with versions!

    Deleted all the files that were related to it in the 'C:\Program Files (x86)'', uninstalled and then tried reinstalling. When i launched it i got the same error
  6. SamN

    Help with versions!

    Yes, I'm sure of it. I'm not in any betas and i can play it fine in single player
  7. SamN

    Help with versions!

    Done both of these and still says the same error
  8. Help, I don't understand how I can degrade to the version that it says. I have tried reinstalling the mod and look it up but just can't find it Thanks!
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