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  1. Thanks, I'll be sure to take a look.
  2. Uhm. To me, this looks more like a screen recorder than a job logger.
  3. Hey! My VTC have been having a few problems with our current logging system and we are potentially looking to change. Basically, what do you use, or what have you heard of? Examples: VTLog, Trucksbook, Virtual Trucking Manager. Another option is to create our own custom one. After having a look around, the open source basics seem to be outdated and no longer supported sadly. Overall, what logging software would you recommend/use? Whether, it's a pre-built one, or one that you can build off of. Thanks
  4. SamN


    Yeah, this isn't really a thing. However, I see 2 reasons why someone would want this: - Ingame money. Not all people play with "Unlimited money" accounts including myself, and when someone hits you in game you don't get money from your load due to damage costs. - Virtual Trucking Company damage penalties. Some companies may not count loads over a certain amount of damage and this may be annoying if there is a minimum amount set in place. (Some VTCs, including my own, have systems in place to stop people being penalised for damaged loads that were not their fault) One way to overcome this, is simply to load the last auto save. Unfortunately, there isn't any other way to really do this a realistic or "correct" way.
  5. SamN


    I personally don't enjoy driving in the UK on the game. I don't mind driving on the left however, the map is outdated and boring. I just don't find driving within the UK that enjoyable compared to Scandinavia or Italia. Having said that, you don't see many in France or Italia because most don't want to buy the DLC although driving through these areas with others (such as other VTC members) can make it feel a little more enjoyable then it would be alone.
  6. I see where you are coming from. Some more detail would be better as it can feel quite empty with just a motorway/highway running through sometimes. Although, still looking forward to it
  7. Glad your happy with TST
  8. I don't think the base game looks all that bad. Although it certainly looks outdated for sure. Compared to the graphics overhaul though, I see what u mean. It does make the game far better. Shame it doesn't work on TMP.
  9. I personally am not all that hyped about it to be honest - Although, I could see why people would. What I am saying here is not confirmed, and is just what I think will happen. So, AI with TruckersMP could be added for sure; I can understand why some people would like it actually. However, simply adding AI traffic to, I dunno, EU2, would cause utter chaos; Both in game & strain on the server. Mixing over 1000+ players with AI could be very problematic. For one, people would probably have many issues such as just ramming AI traffic completely off the road. Strain on the local machine but also on the server to sync all players but also all the AI traffic at the same time. Personally, I think this will be a Bus Sim 18 type game mode. So all the AI traffic are synced up, however, there are only around 4 ish players within each game. This would put a lot less strain on the server and the clients PC. I enjoy driving and knowing that real people are driving past me gives me a sense of satisfaction.
  10. Does the game actually crash (like close), or does it give you an issue such as "A game save change has been detected, moving to a safe place"?
  11. SamN

    Favorite map dlc

    My opinion: DLC Italia is probably my favourite DLC regarding the amount of detail put into the map. SCS have small country roads that simply lead to one small company. The cites are much more detailed than the Netherlands for example. Viva La France is great for small country roads. A few wonderful views swerving around the mountains although the DLC feels very dead in TMP, only going past someone from time to time. Scandaniva is my TMP favourite. It is very nice (Although, still not as good as France & Italia if you ask me), and the number of players is not bad. It is quite big as well, although they could have gone further North. Going East honestly just feels like the base game (Pre Germany Rework). It is simply and extention if you ask me and I only have it to make the map bigger, not because I enjoy the routes. Truck Scania is my overall favourite. It has power and the looks of a great truck. The interior is modern, and open although it can be hard to read the gauges if you have a low resolution or quality setting. Man & Volvo are my alternate trucks. - I like the look of Man although some parts simply look outdated. The interior is clean & also open. - Volvos certainly don't lack power. However, I don't like the whole v750 or something that is printed on the front of the truck (and cannot be removed), I also wish the interior could be customised a little more, a black or grey variety for example. DAF is okay I guess.. They look very nice from the outside, although the interior looks old & the truck overall lacks power. I stay away from IVECO & Renault. They both lack power and look ugly. The Iveco Hi-Way isn't to bad, but I still don't drive it.
  12. Thank you for your responses @-AV- & @AdaBey. I'm sure it is not my PC: I get a solid 60fps most of the time on the game. I don't have any flags however do have that DLC. I will check the settings though in game and see if that makes a difference.
  13. Firstly, I haven't really used this forum much so I apologise if this is the wrong place to post about this. I have used TruckersMP now since 2016 and usually driven on my own. When I say driven on my own, I mean with other players but not like, with them to the same destination. Anyway, I have recently started driving with other players and we take external loads because it is easy to get them to the same destination. We don't mind the 90km/h limit. However, when we drive at 90km/h, the limit, all other players can keep up with the front person, but slowly I start to drift behind. Like, it looks as if they are going like 91km/h or 92km/h to me when it just says 90km/h on the speedometer. I find this very strange as my internet is certainly not bad. My ping is usually always less than 50ms, and on average in the 30s. Furthermore, people say I don't lag at all which makes it very strange to me that my truck would be driving "slower". Anyone got any solutions or reasons as to why this would only be happening to me? Thanks in advance Happy Trucking, Sam.
  14. When I go into the freight market there is nothing there that I can deliver. It has been working fine until I have just loaded it up now. Please help. Thanks
  15. SamN

    Help with versions!

    Deleted all the files that were related to it in the 'C:\Program Files (x86)'', uninstalled and then tried reinstalling. When i launched it i got the same error
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