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  1. I still have the problem, I reinstalled the game and it worked two times before crashing at the third fast travel
  2. Baratako your solution works only in SP, in MP it still crashing ... Kien gang > I did ur second solution, so it worked in mp but .... only one time, I did one fast travel, just after I did an another and I crashed . . . :'( I'll try your first solution now
  3. So i must start again from the beginning ???
  4. The video is here (thats just 2s after that i pressed "travel") :
  5. Thanks for your fast answers, so I verified the local files and its alright and I reinstalled the multiplayer and the issue is still there too Im uploading a video of the problem, to give u an idea the screen is frozen and I cant alt+tab too, i can only restart my computer ... And Baratako : - the problem also happen in SP yes - I use the 2012 scania R (730cv) - I just tried with one - no it dont say that - yes - I have the italia, vive la france, going east, scandinavia, wheels tuning, cabin accessories and high power cargo dlc
  6. Hi, since the update 1.32 (in MP) I cant travel in my differents garage, im crashing everytime and thats only since the update, what can i do ?
  7. ok he checked a new time and his game was not se ton profile mb thanks for ur answer
  8. Hi, my friend has problem with the installation of TruckerMp. It cant find his game on his Steam profile but he has 3,6h and his profile is set on public so we dont know what we can do :/
  9. Hi, I have a big problem. Each time I press Y for tchatting my game crash. I got a fatal error. So I cant speak ....
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