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  1. Hello all, Firstly thank you very much for all your responses and apologies in my delayed response. I believe that a few years ago there were cargo's that you could take that were I think 200 tonne? This was a mod I believe. I was just curious if these sort of mods still existed and were able to be used on TMP? Kind regards ITSTHEPILOTJOSH
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, I couldn't find the forum post if it has. I remember, or maybe I dreamt it, that there is a list of certain mods that are approved for TruckersMP. Is this correct? If so, please could someone link me to them? Much appreciated.
  3. I really hope its today or tomorrow.
  4. I really hope it's this weekend and I didn't know 2.42 was ready.
  5. I don't want to wait anymore haha. Got 5 days off work until Monday now! Hopefully this weekend maybe.......
  6. This is fantastic news! Obviously the end of September didn't happen and as we are now pretty much 5 days from the middle of October, is there an update for the release date?
  7. Yes @ANTRANS DINKLEBERG. Tried pretty much everything. If there was an option for going back to the old loading screen then it would work. It's simply when they updated the API to the new screen.
  8. Hi @SLAUGHTEER, This has not been resolved yet.
  9. Hi @HumaneWolf Thanks for the link. I have seen that one before and already tried it but no success. Thanks anyway. Kind Regards
  10. Good Afternoon, Since the version of TruckersMP was launched I've never been able to install properly. These are the error messages I have. Please can someone help. Thanks
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