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  1. Does anybody have an idea why admins are kicking me for literally nothing almost everytime?  Here is example https://youtu.be/aP_QUaMEUng That's stupid

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    2. Virus59X


      True a lot of cases server desyncs can happen which makes it seems as if someone is horn spamming or it can be a personal mistake as in the wrong in-game ID which is common as a mistake. 

    3. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop


      This shit happens every 10 minutes for variety of reasons. One day i even got banned for "Ramming" when someone launched my truck into space.

    4. TimeTimes


      If you get banned and you do not agree with the ban you can always create a ban appeal in here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      If you really think a moderator is not doing his job correctly you can report it by making feedback here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback

  2. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop


    Winter mod is only avalible in winter U can turn it on in the tab menu aka settings
  3. How much of a try hard u need to be to do this type of shit https://youtu.be/ODSFJdPvUpE

  4. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    freezing error causing perma ban

    Well.. 2 digit ping is also high for me. Im just saying that playing on server where u have like 1000ms of ping is exhausting and pointless
  5. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    freezing error causing perma ban

    Why on earth u have 200ms of ping. Cant u play on closer server to ur location?
  6. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    do you think they will do ETS3? And how will it be in your opinion?

    There are plans to add support for dx11 or maybe 12 in ets2. No need for ets3
  7. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    Nagrywanie ETS2

    Najlepiej nagrywa się Nvidia Shadowplay lub Xbox DVR. OBS też jest dobry tylko dobrze musisz sobie go ustawić pod swój sprzęt
  8. Just like.. Wtf is this 


    1. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop


      And 10 fps on my gtx 1060 rig is something i just love about this game XD

    2. novice


      ban blockers, right now

  9. Just typical skoda 


    1. SgtBreadStick


      don't mind me just driving and texting and drinking... xD Rip u

    2. Hz3rd


      Sadly this is far too common these days :( 

    3. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop


      @RHG // SgtBreadStick I was texting all the time on my phone.. Drinking legendary polish "kompot" XD

  10. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    Wintermod Released

    Well there is a slight problem with that mod
  11. It's impossible to be without damage on this road 


    1. Anriandor


      @Kravatie will tell you what to do in order to survive it undamaged ;)


    2. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop


      IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I DRIVEN 110 max here..

    3. izm07


      that's why we love this game :truestory:

  12. Im not racist.. I'm from Raceism!

    1. derpatrick9


      #NoChill ;-; jk kappa

  13. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    Zezwolić na uruchomienie gry? - problem z włączeniem ETS'a 2

    Nie włączyłeś tam we właściwościach aplikacji na steamie tych specjalnych tamtych rzeczy uruchamiania jak sie w csie na fpsy robi? To są te "E. T .S 2" prawy, właściwości i ustaw opcje uruchamiania
  14. DirtyShoeGucciFlipFlop

    How to drive heavy cargos in Multiplayer

    There is no actual point for backing up the game.. U just need ur old save before the mod is enabled