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  1. Dam last night i was planning to do one short trip before going to sleep.. I ended up driving Hannover - Venezia

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      wow look great :) 

  2. New players restricted to Eu4 for XXX hours

    +1 for this suggestion and i agree with what SharpVTC said
  3. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Mooore limits people cannot handle their cars / trucks .. Safer for all No limit on EU #4 Cause freeroam i understood there is no collision damage on players?. I dont care if you personally can handle your truck mistakes can happen and if you can handle truck there is 10 - 20 who cannot do it.
  4. Anyone got video from situation in Mannheim today?

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    2. TpHFI


      @Akoa ye ok well your video is maybe shorter than anyone else has cause you did not see the whole situation. 
      I need the video for ban appeal.. Already made it go and check it out. Just trying to make my point clear for the appeal.

    3. Akoa


      I understand that you were trying to help but for more and more videos you send me, you won't get unbanned since you were in the wrong way and that is against the rules.

    4. TpHFI


      @Akoa Well i aint gonna fight with you here so thats why i made ban appeal for it and just asking fellow players if they got video proofs what happened rly before you came.
      Let's discuss the situation in the appeal not here.. 

  5. Not to kick people who is at traffic jam

    Still trucks everywhere how do I join in to road? that rule is stupid
  6. Not to kick people who is at traffic jam

    Oh rly? Nice idea il try to do that if people wont pass me from another lane or crash into me. I dont want to use teleport if is not rly necessary. This is just suggestion forget about the kicking "parked " vehicles if they are not blocking the traffic flow and do what you supposed to do. It's huge map and lot of players its just waste of time to do that. There is nothing you can say to prove me wrong Punished? When this has happened when admins are busy kicking parked vehicles? And you know where i was ?
  7. Not to kick people who is at traffic jam

    Still where the [] i should go when there's a JAM Weak
  8. Not to kick people who is at traffic jam

    Hmm first of all that sounds bit stupid rule to throw in cause all of these happening. And middle of jam? what i should do..
  9. Not to kick people who is at traffic jam

    But still it's bit funny that people overtake, speeds crashes and etc etc much more.. Got kicked while being side of the road?
  10. Lol rly got kicked middle of traffic jam. Thanks. Okey i was side at the road trying to warn people not to come in too fast ::D