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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. If it's possible with paint jobs, I wonder if it's possible to do with sounds? -- I've just realised this is kinda old, but since the recent /home/ restrictions, this isn't possible anymore right?
  3. So when is the update for the NPC wheels and Truck Paintjobs coming? When it comes to restricting things away from the players (restricting truck parts on save editing, and restricting the speed limits) you've done it straight away, but when it comes to allowing us to use something new it isn't important right now? The rules were changed to enhance the "simulation" side of it, yet without the NPC wheels fix, people are driving around with truck wheels on cars which does the opposite of enhancing the simulator. Also considering the silent updates that we all click to download in the launcher but we have no information about what it changes unless it's something major.
  4. I wonder if they've learned from the previous event and will improve on it for the next event. *Stupidly long wait times to connect *Waiting stupidly long wait times and getting connection failed *Incredibly small player limit on the server
  5. I tried yesterday too (straight after there was a ETS 2 Update within the launcher). My game would just crash with an error when it was the TruckersMP launched game. Though it worked as normal on regular ETS2.
  6. All mods that you download are disabled when you run TruckersMP. You can only get the engine mods by save editing and putting a scania engine in a mercedes truck (for example)
  7. So is no damage  not allowed anymore? It's broken in the newest update and crashes the game.

  8. I don't get how you can be so butt hurt right now?
  9. Developers wasted their time on the in game "scene" report system because 99.5% of admins don't use it, should be modified to let us download the scenes and attach to a report.
  10. People aren't understanding the light check. Wintermod says you must have your lights on at all times. It doesn't check for lights at night time, but checks all day. Even if your on the regular map, you still have to keep your lights on all day....
  11. One of the worst planned events by TruckersMP.


    Having to queue for an hour is one thing, getting connection refused once the queue is done is another thing, but having to requeue again for half an hour to get the connection refused again.....

  12. More people in the queue than in the actual server.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Zero4K


      And when I joined the Event server it said restart game - seasson invalid


      I quit ETS 


    3. SupiUK


      @Zero4k exactly the same :(

    4. H4MZ4_



      Yep... an hour of queuing got me this.

  13. Solved with using the search function on main site. Thanks The file was corrupt because of the update, apparently fixed now.
  14. Use this time to step into the real world for a bit.



  15. @bryangullickson The update server is down, you won't be able to get the launcher running until it's back up....
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